Manage Raw Milk Intake and Supplier Balancing

This collaborative tool helps plants manage the milk receipts process by assimilating pick-up and load level data into an inbound intake view. Used in the unloading bay, Receiving collects common attributes such as weights, components, quality tests, and more. And with a supplier feed, load reconciliation and shrink are easily managed.

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Real-Time Insight

Syncs with Dispatch and Mobile Manifest to provide real-time insight into load status

Manage Data

Customizable data input screen to fit your operation


Easy-to-use interface that has been designed and built for dairy


Manage the milk receipt process with a solution that helps simplify complexity, improves collaboration, and increases efficiency.

Seamlessly capture key attributes, including weights, components, quality tests, and more for each and every load of milk with the Receiving module from Milk+. Seller and buyer load information is automatically matched, resulting in a streamlined settlement process. Real-time access to plant receipt logs and shrink and quality reports mean quicker response rates and proactive problem identification.

Load Attributes Captured

Plants Manage Raw Milk Receipt

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Receiving by Ever.Ag

Find out how Receiving by Ever.Ag enables milk suppliers and their customer plants to collaborate and seamlessly manage the milk receipt process.

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