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Touching all aspects of agribusiness, our software creates efficiencies and enables you to maximize profits. Through the creation of digital links between the field and office, full visibility into your operations provide the actionable insights needed to make recommendations and, ultimately, impactful decisions. Optimize your labor and equipment using a suite of solutions purpose-built for agribusiness and the challenges the industry faces.
Agribusiness Software Solutions

Bringing Actionable Insights to You and Your Customers in the Field or in the Office


FieldAlytics is a comprehensive solution that works to centralize all field logistics and planning activities.
Industry-leading tools integrated into your operations
Drive profitability and efficiency
Farm Planning
It all starts with a plan
Data interoperability
Access information anywhere
Single Ecosystem
Comprehensive agronomy operations platform

Merchant Ag

Merchant Ag is an ERP system with risk management and customer engagement capabilities, designed to address the unique aspects of an Ag retailer’s business.
Transition from selling to serving your growers
Manage the intricacies of grain merchandising
Streamline energy operations for dispatchers and drivers
Tools to simplify feed management
Solutions tailored to handling high volume country store operations

Commodity Management System

Commodity Management System (CMS) provides essential business solutions for feed mills and commodity traders, from manufacturing to financial management.
Grain specific accounting software featuring multi-currency capabilities
Inventory Management
A business management program that allows data to flow to different areas of the program with a single input point
Cultivate Grower Relationships
A fully integrated CRM to manage the expectations and details of your growers

Commodity Procurement System

Commodity Procurement System (CPS) manages the entire procurement process across numerous commodities, from commodity origination to settlement.
Navigate the complex and volatile grain markets within the grain industry
Track, monitor, and adapt to a rapidly changing nut industry
Tree Fruit
Capture, records, and access data in this fast-growing market
Row Crops
Focus on. the subtleties of the crop market with a CPS that can adjust to changes rapidly

Ever.Ag champions the success of agribusiness with solutions designed to address the specific needs of their customers.

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