Maternity Warden

24/7 herd monitoring for safer and healthier births

Make labor less painful

Calving brings new life to a dairy: a calf is born, and lactation begins.
However, this transitory period is also a time of significant risk.

Farm data shows that upwards of 7% of calves on U.S. dairy farms perish within 48 hours of birth. Calving dams fare just a little better or risk permanent injury


Humane and reliable maternity monitoring

Maternity Warden is a computer vision monitoring solution for your close-up area powered by artificial intelligence. It automatically, passively, and objectively monitors your herd and alerts you to cows in labor. Early identification of calving lowers stillborn rates and the duration time to intervene which subsequently lowers dystocia incidents.

Technology to protect mothers and calves 

Always-on close-up pen monitoring

Objective calving identification

24/7 alerts of imminent calving 

Empower your farm with maternity monitoring

Reduce stillborns and birth complications

Eliminate round-the-clock dedicated supervision

Create timestamps for critical events 

Dispatch labor only when necessary 

Receive notifications to assist or to confirm a birth

SOP compliance, preventing fabrication 

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Maternity Warden by Ever.Ag

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