Orbis MES

Make More and Waste Less With Our Manufacturing Execution System

By providing real-time data intelligence from raw ingredients to the final product, Orbis MES maximizes profitability and yield for food and beverage plant operations while accounting for mass balance.
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Manufacturing Execution System

Make More and Waste Less

Reduce Loss

Identify where losses are occurring by zone to make better decisions and investments in your plant


Enable the highest-possible yields with real-time data monitoring throughout your plant operations


Monitor energy usage systematically to minimize utility consumption


Reduce time-consuming data gathering with a central KPI platform


Align team members through a single source of truth

Quality Control

Prevent issues with recipe consistency, contamination, and general order fulfillment


Increase in Operational Efficiency and Yield


Reduction in Waste and Costly Losses


Increase in


Increase in Quality Control
Orbis MES

Enable Real-Time Plant Intelligence From Raw Ingredient to Final Product

Mass Balance, Yield, and Loss

Paperless Factory

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Track and Trace

Visual Factory



Mass Balance, Yield, and Loss

Identify Sources of Waste and Improve Your Production Yield

Every plant dealing with liquids should be incorporating the concept of mass balance into their operations to reveal whether it is capturing all its valuable solids. Instead of manually documenting data and tracking products through products, wasting costly hour and product, Orbis’ Mass Balance conducts this analysis for you.


Loss Quantification

Assign value to losses so that the ROI of any improvements can be easily quantified

Output Monitoring

Track activities all the way down to the component level and through output to identify the ideal inputs, recipe, or overall process

Improved Yield

Identify current output benchmarks to monitor for problems and improvements

Paperless Factory

Reduce Data Errors, Communication Delays, and More With Digital Versions of Your Documentation

Digital operator logos are the first step towards digitization of the production process. They replace paper-based logs with more accurate and legible on-line data entry. Logs can be created for all data entry processes in the plant and can be a combination of both manual and automated data capture.


  • Eliminate hard-to-read handwriting and missing information, and the time it takes to clarify these issues
  • Full accountability
  • Every key stroke or input is captured in full compliance with FDA standards
Centralized Database

Eliminate the need to keep track of paper documents that can be lost or damaged

Streamlined Process

 Share all information with the appropriate staff members from one source of truth without delay

Real-time Alerts

Receive real-time alerts from the floor as data is recorded to catch problems in real time vs. hours or days later

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Improve OEE by Consistently Assessing Performance

OEE is a manufacturing best practice metric, and Orbis MES helps your plant use it effectively to achieve optimal output. The OEE module continuously measures the efficiency and effectiveness of your critical manufacturing assets, naturally enabling the necessary adjustments to maximize your plant’s availability, performance, and product quality.

Accurate Measurements

Automatically record down-time, equipment speed, and product quality where and when it happens

Actionable Information
  • Real-time visibility to the team to measure/improve performance
  • Assign loss events to loss buckets for further analysis and action
  • Easy-to-use reporting
Improved Availability

Identify and address issues before they become a long-term problem

Track and Trace

Monitor Every Step From Raw Ingredient to Final Product

To help you safeguard your customers and ensure adherence with quality regulations, Orbis MES’s Track and Trace module monitors and records production, process, and quality parameters. For as long as you wish, all information can be immediately accessed in a matter of minutes – especially when its urgently needed.

Immediate Results

Receive the exact information you need quickly,whether dealing with a process question or the stress of a product recall

Detailed Information

Confirm all KPIs and adherence with regulations with all key information immediately available

Automatic Recording

Track quality and product KPIs daily, weekly, and monthly without any extra effort

Visual Factory

Identify Historical Trends in Plant KPIs

Now, you won’t even have to physically be in the plant to know exactly how well its operating. Visual Factory is all about visualizing exactly what is happening your plant, as it happens. It reads the raw data from your plant’s systems, such as temperatures, pressures, valves, motors, and pumps, and visually presents it on both mobile and desktop devices.

Continuous Improvement
Use playback to better train your supervisors and users to minimize staff turnover issues
Pattern Recognition
Highlight what was found past root causes and keep the plant running
Detailed History

Easily replay your production process up to 5 years afterwards to preserve institutional knowledge, target issues, revisit recipes, and more


Identify Your Most Impactful Metrics and Activate Automatic Alerts

Using KPIs you identify for your specific plant’s operations, we can measure and monitor the parameters of each run to track quality, output, and final product volume. The KPI Module allows KPIs to be quickly and easily configured, displayed and reported.

Target Identification

Set targets based on the product and easily monitor daily performance against your goals

Clear Presentations

Display KPIs using color coding, dials, and gauges

Detailed Information

Drill down from KPIs to individual batches


Create Performance Dashboards and Periodic Reports

The Analytics Module presents multi-level dashboards the effectively provide critical information to key stakeholders throughout the production process. The dashboards are designed to provide a snapshot of performance across numerous key functions of the plant.



Easy to configure and can be pre-configured for immediate display


Incorporate all key metrics, including site production, stocks, yield, OEE, utilities, and incidents, into centralized dashboards


Schedule reports to generate automatically or display data at multiple levels of granularity

“When you start measuring things in real-time and displaying them for everybody to see, you get a natural boost in productivity due to friendly competition. In addition, you take the subjectivity out of how you manage your business and processes.”

7 year user of Six Sigma Black Belt and Orbis, Glanbia

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Eliminate production losses and improve performance with Orbis MES.

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