Precision Nutrition Formulated at the Right Price With Impactful Results

When formulating feed rations, it is essential that the proper nutrition is provided to the animal without going over budget. Dalex by Ever.Ag optimizes ration formulation on a least-cost, high return basis. The ability to create projections in various scenarios creates confidence in your advice on nutritional benefits and economic results. Dalex is adaptable for just you or a group of 500+ consultants.

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Dalex Livestock Solutions

Ruminant or Monogastric – Serve All Your Customers With Confidence


Models for beef, dairy, swine, poultry, and companion animals within a single platform

Exclusive Ingredient Respository

Provides availability, quality, and pricing of feed ingredients

Feed Efficiency

Ration projections predict how feed ration mixes improve production and profitability

Dalex Livestock Solutions

Full Visibility to Cost, Nutrition, and Expected Performance, Whether You’re Formulating for Ruminant or Monogastric Livestock

Beef Cattle

Dairy Cows


Multiple Biological Models

App and Data Syncing

Beef Cattle

Safeguard Your Beef Production Through Complete Nutrition

Cattle feeding has historically been high-risk. The wrong mix can incur high out-of-pocket costs without the profitable production. Dalex optimizes your ration while reducing your cost.
Vital Feed Nutrition Insights
Projected Feed Mix Outcomes
Real-Time Availability of Feed
Dairy Cows

More Milk While Spending Less

Optimizing dairy production requires formulating rations with key nutrients to maintain healthy production without overspending. Healthy, well-fed dairy cows produce more milk with improved milk fat and protein.

Least-Cost Basis
Increase Milk and Component Yields
Rumen-Protected Nutrition

Nutrition is the Biggest Factor in Your Swine Production

Your profitability is dependent on a well-formulated ration. With our projection models, you will be able to see how each ration impacts your growth rate, and inevitably your profit margins.
Performance Reports
Financial Projections
Market-Based Component Costs
Multiple Biological Models

Understand the Nutrition Implications of Rations Through Different Models

Dalex works with NRC (National Research Council), within the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, and CNCPS (Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System) models. In addition, custom models are accommodated. You now are able to assess feed rations based on the model you are most familiar with.
Predict Production Outcomes of Rations
Use One, or Multiple, Models to Assess Your Ration Mix
Analyze With Models for Multiple Species Based on Your Needs
App and Data Syncing

Real-Time Updates to Serve Your Customers Better

As prices, availability, and customer needs evolve constantly, the solution updates continuously in real-time. You are empowered with the most current information to provide accurate pricing and nutrient pay-off reporting. When teams work together, importing and exporting of data is eliminated through the cloud repository provided by Dalex.
Store Data Securely in a Cloud-Based Repository
Obtain Real-Time Prices for Rations
Serve Customers Collaboratively
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