Vanguard Ag

The Agribusiness Distribution Solution

Vanguard Ag is a comprehensive warehouse and distribution solution. The software works to strategically streamline your wholesale operations.
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Vanguard Ag

A Comprehensive Platform for Ag Wholesale Businesses

Inventory Control

Make strategic purchasing decisions

Instant Information
Real-time data regarding all aspects of your business
Comprehensive Platform
Easily integrates and aggregates information
Vanguard Ag

The Ag Wholesale Distribution Solution





Real-Time Accounting for Agribusiness

Integrated within the entire platform, the Accounting module updates in real-time and does not require batch uploads. Vanguard Ag provides strong traceability features and peace of mind during audits.

Financial Visibility
View your up-to-date financial information anytime, anywhere
Eliminate double-entry and mitigate error risk
Always know where you stand without batch updates

Maintain Market Costs with Unlimited Levels of Subassemblies

The Feed module within Vanguard provides the control needed for production and financial management, while remaining nimble for changes within the feed office. The module contains formula approval safeguards by site or plant, and feed formulation software integrations.

Granular Visibility
Maintain market costs and prices with subassembly flexibility
Easy adoption leads to continued use for streamlined operations
Quality Control
Formula approvals provide consistency in product quality output

Easily Track Purchase and Sales Contracts

Vanguard Ag provides the ability to go deeper with your purchase and sales contracts. The module allows you to view contract by item and create ranges of loads or release numbers directly from the contract.
Instant Information
Gain information on original, shipped, and outstanding quantities and values
Itemized Details
Gain more insight on your contract’s items
Assign Transactions
Purchase and sales transactions can be assigned to the appropriate contract
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