Officially Introducing Ever.Ag

Innovative AgTech Solutions for Food and Beverage Supply Chains

Throughout 2022, a group of over 500 people around the world have been working on becoming one team, with one very important mission – empowering supply chains to feed a growing world as Ever.Ag.   Now, with the launch of our new website, we’re excited to share additional information on Ever.Ag’s mission and more. Below is a quick summary to help you learn how we can work together to support your success.

What is Ever.Ag?

We are a global team of experienced and dedicated AgTech professionals who partner with our food and agriculture customers from farm to table. Our team members share your passion, and we continuously develop innovative solutions to support your success.

When was Ever.Ag founded?

Ever.Ag itself was first announced in early 2022, but the expertise it houses has been developed over multiple decades. Because our industry requires solutions with both breadth and depth, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers accomplish their goals.

How can Ever.Ag help me?

From the farm to the processing facility, to the end consumer, our broad technology suite and mission-critical services make a measurable impact. It’s not a straight-line process, of course. It involves many different people, activities, tools, and resources, all with unique applications. Ultimately, no matter what area of your business you’re trying to improve or grow, we can help you have stronger control of your operations and harvest the power of your data. By doing so, you’ll be able to address existing challenges and even uncover new possibilities.
“Transforming agricultural commodities into finished goods is an intricate, interconnected process, that together, we are uniquely positioned to support. Through our combined portfolio, we have all of the expertise and solutions necessary to help clients efficiently and cost effectively move food from farm to fork.”
Scott Sexton

CEO, Ever.Ag

Why is Ever.Ag different?

In the complex, interconnected agricultural and food industries, hands-on experience is a necessity. We understand that you don’t just need technology to automate a potential solution to your problems – you need the people behind it to understand your business’s needs at the deepest level. Our team members have grown up on farms, worked for processors, been part of cooperatives, led operations for CPG companies, and more. Now, they are dedicating their experiences and expertise to developing and implementing solutions that help customers and the supply chains we serve thrive and grow. From farm to fork, this blend of cross-functional operational knowledge and critical market insights makes us the trusted partner of choice throughout the agriculture supply chain.

Are you ready to empower supply chains to feed a growing world?