Feed King

Improving on-farm feed efficiency

Connecting feeders, farm owners, and nutritionists in one feed performance platform. Feed King provides a centralized platform, connecting all stakeholders involved in the feeding process to help manage feed on your farm efficiently.

Are you a farm owner or feeder looking to achieve exemplary feed efficiency, reduce waste and enhance the well-being of your animals?

How Feed King Works

Feed King optimizes feed efficiency by enhancing controllable inputs at the farm. As feed efficiency increases, cows consume less feed while sustaining milk production, reducing feed costs and manure excretion.

By utilizing data aggregation from multiple sources, such as on-farm feed and herd software, milk processors, and computer vision observations, Feed King enables real-time feed efficiency calculation and informed decision-making for ration formulation and feed management.

Key Features

Ease of Use

A single interactive platform for feeders and farm owners

On-Farm Transparency

Centralized scorecard displaying measurements and goals

Optimize Feed Management

Improved feed efficiency and reduced waste through software

Benefits of Using Feed King:

Improved Feed Efficiency: Optimizing feed management with Feed King increases income over feed cost (IOFC) to maximize your profits.

Comprehensive Analytics and Data: Enable informed decisions, leading to optimal feed efficiency and minimized waste.

Goals and Accountability for Feeders: Feed King’s scoreboard system effectively communicates performance expectations, promoting alignment among feeders, farm owners and nutritionists, and encourages the adoption of best feeding practices.

Animal Welfare: Good feed efficiency indicates cow happiness, ensured by unbiased measurements using actual feed software data and computer vision observations.

Sustainability Excellence: Enhanced feed efficiency minimizes waste and promotes farm sustainability.


Increase in feed efficiency due to reduced empty feed bunk time*


Gain in feed efficiency from decreased low feed time*

*Figures based on a 3,500-cow dairy currently using Feed King


Improvement in feed efficiency attributed to more frequent feed push-ups*

Join the Revolution in Feed Management

Embrace the power of Feed King to enhance feed efficiency on your farm using a data-driven approach. Connect feeders, farm owners and nutritionists through a single platform, propelling your farming success to new heights.

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Join the Revolution in Feed Management:
Embrace the power of Feed King to enhance feed efficiency on your farm using a data-driven approach.