Animal Nutrition and Welfare Insights for Your Dairy Farm

Knowledge is power, and Cainthus by Ever.Ag enables an infinite number of eyes across your dairy farm. Now, you can use computer vision and artificial intelligence to observe nutritional, behavioral, health, and environmental activities that impact production. The data is centralized to enable analysis and identification of any operational issues.
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Optimize Feed Management

Improve yield while reducing refusals and manage complex farms with confidence

Continuous Animal Observation

Enable recognition of concerning animal behavior patterns and early flagging of illnesses

Enhanced On-Farm Transparency

Provide animal welfare validation to the downstream supply chain and prioritize cow comfort

Infinite Eyes on Your Farm and Your Future

ALUS Feedbunk Management

ALUS People and Protocols

ALUS Productivity and Welfare

The Edge

ALUS Feedbunk Management

Monitoring to Make the Most of Your Feed

To ensure your cows always have access to feed, the Feedbunk Management module monitors feed availability in every pen 24/7. Down to the minute, you will always know where and when each pen runs low via text notifications. The technology provides data driven insights that optimize feed management and reduces your farm’s biggest cost.

Monitored 24/7
Utilize AI cameras in every pen to gain insights
Text Alerts

Get real-time alerts for immediate action

Reduced Refusals
Maximize intakes and reduce refusals with precision data
ALUS People and Protocols

Monitor the Efficiency of Your Workforce

The People and Protocols module monitors the efficiency of the feeding and milking operations on the farm. Monitoring enables insight into how the team is performing, identify problems, improve consistency, and optimize protocols. Cainthus technology also creates an opportunity to train staff for improved operations.
Improve Team Efficiency
Monitor the feeding and milking operations to improve training
Identify Protocol Drift
See how your team is performing and optimize protocols
Pinpoint Problems
See how your team is performing and optimize protocols
ALUS Productivity and Welfare

Healthy, Comfortable Cows Bring Increased Milk Yields

Cainthus’ Productivity and Welfare module continuously measures the cow time budget for each group of your herd. The module monitors key herd welfare indicators, such as cow comfort index, standing time, and stocking density. By improving your cows’ comfort and addressing health issues proactively, you will maximize productive time.
Measure Cow Time
Optimize cow behavior patterns to maximize milk production
Observe Welfare Indexes
Easily receive key indicators to make impactful adjustments and improve sustainability
Address Health Issues
Pen level monitoring enables early detection of animal health insights
The Edge

Low Latency Solution That Will Not Hinder Your Connectivity

We understand that technology solutions can bog down your Wi-Fi. Cainthus uses Edge technology to make the most of low latency and reduced amount of data needed to provide the data insights you need. Although Cainthus captures data 24/7, we only upload the key measurements, via a separate network, you need to make a positive impact on your farm.
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