Control All Phases of Milk Procurement With Milk+ by Ever.Ag

Milk+ is a comprehensive platform designed to seamlessly addresses the needs of your farm to plant network. Its modular platform provides the flexibility to digitize your supply chain and improve your operations.
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Mobile Manifest


Producer Payroll

Producer Portal


Manage, Reconcile, and Account for Every Scheduled Movement From Farm to Plant

Dispatch helps streamline core daily activities, keeping all stakeholders on the same page while reducing manual and repetitive steps. As a result, the platform enhances the experience for the producer, hauler, and receiving plant.
Speed up the reconciliation process with immediate feedback
Easily move large volumes of loads
Improve collaboration with supply partners through enhanced communication
Mobile Manifest

Detailed Easy-to-Share Electronic Records of Pickup Information and Real-Time Tracking

Mobile Manifest is a user-friendly application that provides detailed, easy-to-share electronic records of raw milk’s movement from farm to plant. Key load attributes can be easily collected and shared with critical stakeholders across your network.
Improve traceability of the collection, movement, and delivery of raw milk
Expediate data entry, eliminate paper and handling costs while reducing driver errors
Inform decision making and problem-solving with real-time data

Enable Milk Suppliers and Plants to Easily Collaborate and Manage the Milk Receipt Process

Receiving is used in the unloading bay and enables a paperless collection of common attributes like weights, components, quality tests, and more. The result? A more streamlined receiving process that generates powerful reports and simplifies the identification of any load level shrink.

Easily capture over 90 load attributes
Quickly identify, and resolve, load level shrink
Provides real time visibility to receipts by supplier to streamline daily operations
Producer Payroll

Simplify the Complexities of Producer and Hauler Payments

Producer Payroll is a cloud-based system built to tackle all of your milk accounting needs. The platform is easy to implement, and helps save time and resources while adhering to strict government regulations.
Streamlines prompt and accurate payments
Reduces errors with a multi-step payroll workflow
Allows custom payment methods and payment statements without custom development
Producer Portal

Build Producer Relationships and Enable Data-Driven Decision Making For Dairy Farmers

Our Producer Portal displays critical operational metrics in a modern, mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate dashboard. Data streams can be quickly sorted and producers now have the ability to share portal access with their employees and advisors – providing unparalleled value to your producer community.
Transform key herd metrics into actionable insights
Monitor and review data trends to pinpoint problems
Accelerate the journey from data to outcomes

Milk+ creates an efficient process with seamless integrations to support the dairy industry’s success while maintaining full visibility across the supply chain.

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