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A good meeting speaker should inform and entertain, no matter what the topic. Our team members have consistently been praised for their ability to do both. Having us speak at your next meeting or conference assures audience engagement and education. Titles and topics can be repackaged to suit.

Speaking Engagements

Our Experts Have Decades of Experience and are Available to Inform and Entertain


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Public Speakers and Presenters

Popular Titles and Topics

The State of the American Consumer

Feeding the World

The Supply-Side Quest

Market Situation and Outlook

The State of the American Consumer

Taking a Closer Look at Consumer Trends

Understanding consumer trends and potential is critical to solving the demand puzzle. With that in mind, we take audiences through the macroeconomic data, public surveys, and anecdotal reports that tell us where consumers are and, critically, where they appear to be going in the months ahead.

Macroeconomic Data

Dive into the data that drives trends

Assess and Analyze the Mood
Look at how consumers feel and understand how that drives markets
Trend Outlook

Look at current data to forecast future consumer trends

Feeding the World

Assessing American Agriculture on a Global Scale

Why is American agriculture uniquely situated to meet the increased demand for food around the globe? What are the economic opportunities and risks? How do evolving U.S. food culture and food politics fit into the picture? This presentation is an optimistic but eminently realistic assessment.

Agriculture Opportunities

Look at opportunities and risks for agriculture

Assessment of Agriculture

Review American agriculture’s ability to meet food demand

A Broad Picture of the U.S. Food Industry

How culture and politics affect American agriculture

The Supply-Side Quest

More People, More Money, More Demand

More people globally with more money means more demand for dairy products. Where will the milk come from? Is the United States well-positioned to play a significant role? What about post-quota Europe? Is New Zealand’s growth sustainable? This presentation looks at supply-side dynamics in a global context.

Global Perspective

What are the top dairy countries doing to meet the demand for dairy?

Dynamics of Milk Supply

The key to supplying milk for growing demand

U.S. Outlook

An inside look at the United States’ ability to supply dairy products

Dairy and/or Grain Market Situation and Outlook

Everything That Matters in 60 Minutes or Less

A typical situation/outlook session covers the supply/demand fundamentals and pricing factors. Sessions also feature data and opinions on milk production, stocks, and consumption. This presentation can be designed as a general overview or tailored to focus on a particular product segment.


Constantly updated as fundamental factors change

Design a general overview or a focused presentation


We won’t be droning on over the same old chart

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