Merchant Ag

A Business System for Agricultural Retailers

An ERP system with risk management and customer engagement capabilities, designed to address the unique aspects of an Ag retailer’s business.

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Strengthen Relationships With a Comprehensive ERP System

Real-Time Information

Access up-to-date information to make decisions or engage with the grower

Employee & Grower Tools
Engage your growers in the field or from the office with mobile tools and insights to deliver value
Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management

Gain the controls, documentation, and reporting necessary to stay in compliance and mitigate risk

Single vendor for a simplified tech stack and an enterprise system of record
Operational Efficiency
Integrated capabilities to increase efficiency and streamline operations
Business Insights
Giving management insights into company performance
Empowering the Agribusiness Supply Chain

Drive Profitability in Your Division







Transition From Selling to Serving Your Growers

Merchant Ag Provides a variety of customer engagement tools such as product information, management alerts, prepaid contract management, and inventory operations to better serve the needs of your growers. The customer engagement capability delivers flexibility and transparency to the grower.
Dispatching and Workflow Management
Simplified processes to manage the creation, delivery, and ensure accuracy and timeliness of invoicing to the grower
Blender Integrations

Real-time integrations to fertilizer blenders to ensure inventory is accurate

Mitigate Your Risk
Our compliance, HAZMAT, DOT paper­work, and rich credit management features can help alter and avoid potential problems before they occur
Grain Contracting and Merchandising

Manage the Intricacies of Grain Merchandising

Merchant Ag provides commodity merchandisers with the tools and insights needed to deliver value to the grower while concurrently executing profitability objectives. The grain contracting and merchandising capability is a real-time transactional commodity system that updates all the elements that affect price and position at the time the transaction is completed.
Simplified Scale Process

Integration to scale weight indicators, moisture meters, futures market pricing, and hedge management to simplify your process

Flexible Contracting
Easily configure and convert contracts through market risk management and monitor hedge position to mitigate exposure to the market
Real-Time DPR
Use real-time DPR monitors with transactional drill-down to manage your Inventory position

Streamline Energy Operations for Dispatchers and Drivers

Our capabilities streamline energy operations through connecting the dispatchers in the office with the drivers in the field. We help drivers view and execute their deliveries from a tablet in the cab of the truck. This connectivity creates efficiencies that reduce cost and improve your bottom line.
Accurate and Efficient Deliveries

Drivers can attach the meter in the truck to their tablet to accurately account for delivered quantity as well as optimized routes

Field to Office Transparency

Drivers are synced with the office through the tablet to see customer and tank information from the field

Automated Billing

Billing is an automated process that can create invoices without user interaction in most cases

Feed Manufacturing

Tools to Simplify Feed Management

Merchant Ag provides easy processes to manage and manufacture feed. Through streamlining your manufacturing process and gaining insights, your profitability potential increases. Your team can make timely decisions wherever they are located through the utilization of real-time information at their fingertips.

Manage and Manufacture Feed With Ease
Integrate and manage feed formulas, assemble, dispatch and invoice feed to growers timely
Feed Pricing
Pricing can be fed into Merchant Ag from several sources to ensure accurate and optimal feed pricing
Feed Controller Integrations
Integrations to batching systems to streamline the manufacturing process and ensure accurate inventory

Solutions Tailored to Handling High Volume Country Store Operations

Merchant Ag provides the retail operation with tools to streamline the point of sale process. These tools provide visibility into peak times of activity helping you with pricing, margin management, purchasing and staffing decisions to in­crease your bottom line.
Enter Orders Anywhere

Give your operation the ability to enter orders, complete credit checks, and research product from either the field or the office

Flexible Order Entry

Order entry utilizes the same entry screen for counter sales as well as ag retail sales

Inventory Management
Tools to assist with inventory counting, procurement, restock/reorder, loss, and sales/promotions

Gain access to the right tools at the right time, knowing your margin, monitoring exposure, and mitigating any risk.

Merchant Ag Capabilities

Maximize Your Efficiency With a System Built Specifically For Ag Retailers

Purchasing and Inventory

Accounting and Document Imaging

Premium Customer Portal

Employee Mobility

Management Insights

Purchasing and Inventory

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Our Purchasing and Inventory solutions deliver up-to-date information to the users that need it to make decisions or interact with the grower. Merchant Ag provides tools to manage inventory AND margins in real-time. The real time transactional updates provide the ability for long term success for Ag Retailers.

Real-Time Transactional System
All elements of a transaction (cost, price, margin, and Inventory position) can be reviewed as soon as the transaction is complete
Seamless Integration
The full purchasing e-fullfillment suite allows users to send purchase orders electronically and receive back ship notices and invoices from the vendor

Whether one terminal or 50, our system can handle both centralized and decentralized processes

Accounting and Document Imaging

Centrally Manage Financial Data with Operational Visibility

Merchant Ag provides a comprehensive solution with a single financial package spanning all major divisions. The complete view of the organization will allow you to make well informed business decisions.
Accounting Visibility
Full details into every transaction that posts to the general ledger with drill down capabilities to make research and reconciliation easier
Centralized Financial Tools
Gain access to budgeting and forecasting tools as well as accounting management and document imaging for customers, employees, and vendors
Integrated Document Imaging

Integrated document imaging for customers, vendors and employees, along with A/P and purchasing workflow, to optimize the accounting process

Premium Customer Portal

Build Loyalty Digitally

The Customer Portal/App allows the retailer to digitally engage with their growers to build loyalty. Growers and retailers have from-the-field access to information and convenient tools to allow interactions on their schedule.

Access Critical Information

Grower mobility provides the customer with access to critical information to make the right decisions with the convenience of executing on the grower’s schedule

Build Loyalty

Growers benefit from on-the-go access to essential information, and that convenience translates to increased customer loyalty

Seasonal Information Visibility

The app allows visibility into decisions from previous years, as well as the ability to adjust and maximize profitability

Online Payment

Enable your growers to pay online via ACH payments, which streamlines the posting process while also speeding up the receiving of funds. Review and export orders.

Review Orders and Export

Purchase summaries allow your growers to review orders from a specific date range and easily export the records into the business system of their choice

Employee Mobility

Empower Your Team to Perform Anywhere

Merchant Ag empowers employees to perform their tasks whether they are in the office or out in the field. The mobility and CRM capabilities create transparency across your team to share expertise and information.


On the Spot Inventory Counting

Using the mobility process for inventory counts mitigates the risk of incorrect counts by eliminating multiple steps

Centralized Information

All information entered into the app is centralized over the years and can be reliably accessed for forecasting decisions

Location and Credit Manager Collaboration

The team can see the information they need to make decisions to conduct business from virtually anywhere the customers are

Management Insights

Drive Better Decision Making with Real-Time Data

In an increasingly automated and data-driven world, businesses need more than scorecard accounting; they demand access to analysis and metrics that provide actionable interpretations. Our management insights capability is designed to provide easy access to what you need: consumable business information that increases profitability.

Real-Time Information

Through inventory, transactional and sales insights as well as inventory margin analysis, you will have access to dynamic information to help you manage your business

Actionable Insights

Using defined visualizations with “drill-down” capabilities, vital information is at the fingertips of key decisions makers to make timely decisions thag increase profitability

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