Controlling the Entire Livestock Procurement Process

We provide clients with industry-leading capabilities to handle the complexities of procuring livestock commodities. Our CPS solution provides consistency, efficiency, and accuracy throughout the entire procurement process. 

Livestock Software Solutions

The Challenging Livestock Industry has Feedlots, Livestock, and Packing Operations Searching For Every Opportunity to Maximize Profits

Commodity Procurement Systems

Our solution manages the entire process, including producer profile management, agreements and contracts, receiving, pricing calculations, and generation of payments and deductions. Now you can easily control procurement operations’ critical steps, including effectively setting contracts, value, and pricing livestock.

Beef Module
Provides unmatched control within procurement workflows for beef commodity origination, contracting, valuation, and settlement
Pork Module
Manages the pork procurement process with consistency and accuracy by capturing essential data on each client, contract, transaction, and settlement

Start controlling your livestock procurement process today.

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