Commodity Procurement System

Control and Accelerate Your Procurement Process

CPS is a comprehensive solution that understands the complex details required for successfully procuring beef and pork commodities. 

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Commodity Procurement System

Specializing in the Origination, Traceability, Calculation of Value, and Settlement of Livestock Commodities


Manage the entire procurement process with one solution 


Document workflows from commodity origination to settlement 


Configure workflows to match specific business processes 

Commodity Procurement System

Effectively Contract, Value, and Price Livestock 

CPS for Beef

CPS for Pork

CPS for Beef

Track Movements, Control Workflows for Beef Procurement  

When procuring beef commodities, you must look for every opportunity to maximize profits while minimizing liability, risk, and costs. CPS provides the tools and capabilities needed to successfully complete beef procurement processes with these issues top-of-mind. 

Complete flexibility to handle constant changes
Custom configurations to incorporate unique business processes
CPS for Pork

Handle Every Detail of Pork Procurement Processing 

Procuring pork commodities is a competitive and complex industry. Controlling every detail in your procurement processing operation is crucial to your success, and you need the right tools in place to make it happen. CPS helps you gain the workflow management you need to complete every step from origination to settlement. 

Communicate securely, quickly, and easily with producers and buyers
Conduct accurate reporting and procurement analysis

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