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Dairy 101 Education

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Dairy Markets

Milk Basics

Policy and Pricing

Dairy Supply

Demand and Trade

Dairy Markets

An Introduction to Dairy Markets and How They Operate

Take an inside look at how dairy markets work and how they impact the industry


Start with a basic intro to dairy markets

Easy to Digest
Dozens and dozens of charts and graphics help tell the story

Gain information on how dairy markets operate

Milk Basics

A Basic Rundown of Milk Marketing and Processing

Learn how milk marketing and processing operate.

Milk Basics
Get a general rundown on milk production and distribution dynamics

Learn how milk is marketed


Review the basics of milk processing

Policy and Pricing

A Closer Look at U.S. Dairy Policy and Pricing

Dive into the U.S. milk pricing system and how it is regulated.

Policy Breakdown

Take a closer look at U.S. dairy policy

Pricing System

Learn the U.S. milk pricing system

Review how the system operates
Dairy Supply

Learn About the Global Dairy Industry

This epsiode offers a closer look at other key milk producing regions of the world, including key characteristics of international dairies, overall milk supply trends, farm structure, and how it all compares to the United States.

International Milk Supply Trends
Which countries make up the majority of the world’s milk supply?
Unique Farm Structures
How are farms structured in other parts of the world?
Comparison to the U.S.
How do U.S. milk trends stack up?
Demand and Trade

Dive into the Global Butter/Powder Demand and Trade

Get a handle on dairy indgredient trade flows – who is shipping and who is receiving.

Ingredient Focused

Looks at dairy products and milk ingredients

Global Perspective

Market insight on a worldwide scale

Understand the Players
Where are the key export and import centers?

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Dairy 101

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