Commodity Management System

Empowering Feed Mills and Commodity Processors With One Integrated ERP Solution

CMS by Ever.Ag is a fully integrated software solution that specializes in managing the complexities of inventory management and grain accounting for commodity traders and feed manufacturers.
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Commodity Management System

Providing Integrated Solutions for Agribusinesses That Buy, Sell, and Trade Commodities Worldwide


Manage consistent and accurate data with one integrated system


Follow product movement and inventory in real-time


Track ingredients and products from receiving through production and shipping

“The time and confidence that we have gained through CMS’ numerous reporting options, data management, and traceability are just a few reasons why we enjoy greater efficiencies in our business to date.”

– MacEwen Agricentre Inc.
Commodity Management System

Managing All the Complexities of Agribusiness Operations, From Accounting to Inventory Management






Order Entry

Export Documentation

Inventory Management


Improve Visibility of Every Movement

Transporting products is expensive and tedious; that’s why knowing where your product is at every moment is essential to maximizing efficiency and profitability. Dispatch allows users to manage load logistics in real time once they are captured into the system. You gain an instant overview of loads scheduled, loads yet to be scheduled, and completed loads.
Increases efficiency of movements by eliminating paper
Improves communication with drivers
Manages your trucks, in addition to contracted drivers

Centralize and Standardize Communication With Customers

Communication and consistency are key when providing optimal customer service. Finally, you can maintain a solid-performing CRM while maintaining one customer database. CMS offers a fully integrated CRM to capture all activity around sale and purchase opportunities.
Centralizes all communication with customers
Integrates with your ERP
Captures and documents all activity around sale and purchase opportunities

Tools and Financial Reports Designed for the Specific Needs of the Grain Industry

Grain businesses require unique tools to manage the accounting complexities of the industry. CMS’ Accounting module provides every tool necessary to handle everything from accounts receivable to the general ledger. Instantly generate financial reports explicitly customized for a grain business.
Provides various grain-specific accounting tools
Generates financial reports often required of grain businesses
Converts to several currency options

Easily Manage Product Movements

From inbound to outbound movements, managing the logistics of processing and trading commodities is a monumental task. CMS’ Logistics provides a user-friendly interface to efficiently manage the inbound or outbound multimodal movement of products or bulk commodities.
Manages accrued expenses to each logistics line
Creates multiple displays for multiple task types
Access ship to/from company inventory or direct ship

Control Purchase and Sale Contracts

Your agribusiness’ success depends greatly on closely monitoring your purchase and sales contracts. With real-time position reporting, CMS’ Contracting module provides full management capabilities for purchases and sale contracts sourced either off-farm or from a trading partner.
Provides real-time position reporting
Gives management capability of purchases and sale contracts
Tracks contracts sourced off-farm or a trading partner
Order Entry

Handle Client Orders with Ease

When your agribusiness involves various products ranging from feed additives to fertilizer, carefully handling orders is critical to successful business operation. CMS’ Order Entry module provides an efficient and robust method of taking orders from your clients. The solution is designed to handle the unique needs of feed additives, finished and premix feed, seed, chemical, and fertilizer sales.
Provides an efficient method for taking orders
Handles various products
Manages critical information required to fill orders
Export Documentation

Automatically Creates Shipping Documents

Take the guesswork out of creating necessary documents for exporting products. With CMS’ Export Documentation module, documents necessary for shipping products internationally are automatically created. The module is tightly integrated with our Logistics module for a winning combination.
Creates documents automatically
Tracks product movements
Manages documentation required for exports
Inventory Management

Efficiently Track Inventory Location, Costing Methods, and Selling Prices

Knowing every detail of your inventory is key when operating an agribusiness. Gain tracking capabilities, including costing methods and selling prices on a product and location level with multi-currency/multi-unit of measure with CMS’ Inventory Management module. The module also offers nested formula capabilities and bin tracking features.
Traceability and lot control
Tracks inventory location, costing methods, and selling prices
Offers multi-currency or multi-unit of measure applications
Provides nested formula capabilities

CMS for Tree Nuts

CMS understands tree nut processors need full transparency into the process from tree to plant. Through strategic integrations, the entire operation has improved efficiency, visibility, and profitability.

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