CMS for Tree Nuts

Protect Your Tree Nut Margins from Farm to Table

CMS by Ever.Ag is a Commodity Management System developed to empower the tree nut processor. The solution works to protect your profitability and improve quality transparency, while improving your ability to confidently track the tree nut process from start to finish.
Commodity Management System

Improve Your Tree Nut Operational Reliability and Efficiency


Create weight certificates and bin tags automatically

Elimination of Double-Entry

Reduce errors with single point of entry

Quality Control

Maintain quality information specific to tree nuts

The CMS platform supports a wide variety of tree nuts.


Brazil Nuts







Macadamia Nuts

CMS for Tree Nuts

The First Complete Software Solution Designed Specifically For Tree Nut Processors

Bin Automation

Grower Contracts


Bin Automation

Automatically Create Bin Tags

CMS receives information from the scales and automatically creates bin tags and weight certificates are easily exported. Containing quality information, the bin tags provide a layer of profit protection through correct bin picks for each sales contract.
Print directly from CMS
Automated system
Quality information easily obtained
Grower Contracts

Provide the Flexibility You Need to be Profitable

No matter if you’re working with a Pool Contract or Call Contract, CMS provides the flexibility you need. Variety, Grade, and Size are always accounted for, and work seamlessly with the solution’s bin automation capabilities for easy inventory tracking.

Two contract types

Bonus and deduction capabilities
Link grower contracts with sales contracts

Be Empowered with the Proper Reporting Tools

CMS offers a wide variety of reports to view data and information in the most insightful way. In addition, reports are kept for historical data and reconciliation.
DFA and USDA information
Inventory management
Housing of historical reports

CMS for Almonds

Within CMS, you can manage your entire hulling and shelling operation, including the sales of by-products. Ease the stress of receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds of almonds on a daily basis through pre-season setup. CMS maps your stockyard, alerting you to any mix-ups as they occur for a quick resolution. Tracking fumigation becomes stress-free when CMS alerts you to the stockpiles that need fumigation, as well as reporting for fumigation history.
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CMS by Ever.Ag for Tree Nuts

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