Commodity Procurement System

A Flexible Platform Supporting You From Sourcing to Settlement

With complex and ever-changing business requirements, agribusinesses need a flexible, yet stable, Commodity Procurement System (CPS). CPS by Ever.Ag empowers you to manage your workflow based on the subtle unique requirements of your operations.
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Commodity Procurement System

Easily Manage the Contracting, Valuation, and Settlement of Commodities

Manage the entire procurement process from sourcing to settlement

Visibility through document workflows for easy identification

Configure CPS based on your agribusiness needs
Commodity Procurement System

Successfully Contract, Value and Price Grain, Nuts, Tree Fruit, and Row Crops

CPS for Grains

CPS for Nuts

CPS for Tree Fruit

CPS for Row Crops

CPS for Grains

Navigate the Complex and Volatile Grain Markets with Ease

Grain processors require the ability to maximize traceability, throughput, and efficiency across their supply chain. CPS not only provides this ability, but it empowers the process with the confidence needed to navigate the volatile markets.
Driven by analytics for informed decision-making
Fulfill demands with quality-assurance
Dynamically handle procurement agreements
CPS for Nuts

Manage Workflows for Efficient Procurement in the Nut Industry

With a market that faces unique challenges, the processors in the nut industry can depend on CPS to provide the most technologically advanced system to adapt quickly to an always changing marketplace.
Track, monitor and, effectively adapt to marketplace fluctuations
Manage growth while maximizing profit
Handle various contracts flexibly
CPS for Tree Fruit

Efficiently Handle the Tree Fruit Procurement

Whether the day-to-day challenges or seasonal shifts, meet the concerns of tree fruit procurement with confidence. Using purpose-built technology, you can continue to serve the tree fruit industry full visibility into your operations.
Flexibility to handle continuous change
Configured for your business operations
Visibility into detailed customer attributes
CPS for Row Crops

Effectively Maneuver the Seasonal Row Crop Market

The Row Crop Industry is seasonal and, in turn, potentially volatile. CPS understands these concerns and works to streamline your procurement process for a stronger operation.
Conform to any payment situation – complex or simple
Manage all procurement-related tasks
Access historical data to make informed future decisions

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