Commodity Management

Now, you can feel confident while trading with Ever.Ag’s Commodity Management solutions. We combine technology, services, and insights from our in-house experts to deliver impactful results to your business.

With access to a nationwide hauling network, plus a team of experts with decades of experience, you will have access to exactly the type and amount of support you need.

Commodity Management

Reduce Freight Costs and Improve Reliability With Commodity Management

Trading Exchange

Freight Procurement

SilverLink Logistics

Commodity Managed Services

Trading Exchange

Empowering Buyers and Sellers to Manage Their Commodity Schedule

The Trading Exchange allows buyers and sellers to meet in a digital marketplace to access supply and demand postings. The intuitive interface updates in real-time to negotiate bids with the latest information to avoid unexpected surprises.
Nationwide access to all bids and offers
Balance supply and demand quickly
Make necessary schedule changes instantly
Freight Procurement

Reduce Hauling Costs With a Network of Specialized Haulers

Hauling dairy requires special attention to the delicate and perishable nature of the product being moved from plant to plant. Our network of haulers are experts in this field; thus, alleviating the concerns of our customers and maximizing the potential of cutting hauling spend.

Optimize transportation costs
Freight management process transparency
Network of experienced dairy haulers
SilverLink Logistics

Give Ever.Ag Your Dairy Supply Chain Transportation Headaches

SilverLink Logistics saves you money and frustrations. As your third-party logistics provider, Ever.Ag helps you overcome the challenges that come with hauling milk and dairy commodities. We manage the process from procurement, scheduling, payment, and more, so you can focus on what matters most.

24/7 support
Individualized service to meet your transportation needs
Commodity Managed Services

Technology Plus Industry Experts Streamline Supply Chain Management

Improve your supply chain management by outsourcing operational headaches to Commodity Managed Services. We maximize your contracting opportunities and execute your day-to-day scheduling, trading, and transportation functions – with full customer transparency and control.
Dispatch and load cover support
Benchmarks and KPI’s to measure success

Remove operational headaches and increase hauling efficiency with an experienced and reliable team.

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