Commodity Managed Services

Easily Manage Your Commodity Schedule With Confidence

Managing your supply chain just got a lot easier. Ever.Ag offers hands-on expert management of your commodity schedule and carrier network with full transparency and benchmarks, so you can breathe easy and focus on other parts of your business.
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Better Results

Measure and improve performance with KPIs

Reduce Operational Stress

Rely on our team to support you 24/7

Maintain Transparency and Control

Retain decision-making from trading through transport
Commodity Supply Chain Managed Services

Better Results With Fewer Headaches

By leveraging an accomplished team within the dairy supply chain industry, your business will quickly notice improvements at every turn. From reduced freight costs to improved commodity pricing to fully covered loads, partner with us to keep business moving.
Business Improvement
Full KPI reporting with benchmarks vs. market
Hauling Procurement
Rate benchmarking, dispatch and hauler pay with a single summary invoice
Supply Chain Execution
Access an extensive trading and transportation network
Up to


Improvement in Commodity Pricing
Up to


Reduction in Freight Cost

Haulers are paid fast, accurately and we have gained a level of transparency and control. With hauler scorecards and quarterly reviews, we collaborate on strategies that have increased our savings each and every quarter. Most important is the service to our plants and customers.”

– Foremost Farms

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Commodity Managed Services by Ever.Ag – Manage Your Dairy Supply Chain With Ease

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Commodity Supply Chain Resilience – Overcoming Your Most Common Headaches

Listen as our team of experts explain how an evolving Commodity Supply Chain impacts your business and how Ever.Ag can help.

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