Vault Technology for Dairy

A software platform dedicated to aggregating risk management position data in addition to farm cost and income data to facilitate more comprehensive, dynamic hedging activities.

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Vault Technology for Dairy

Forecast and Manage Your Dairy’s Financial Health

Real-Time Data

Access to timely and centralized data


Automatically updates with exchange-traded activity


The calculator estimates milk checks

Pricing Scenarios

Test your dairy performance in different market conditions

Custom Reporting

Generate reports with the data you want to see


Compare a milk check to your dairy’s projected forecast

“Vault makes it very easy to view feed and non-feed costs and to have current markets at your fingertips. The dashboard puts everything in one spot, shows margin and hedge opportunity and makes decisions easier.”

– Jake Benson, Texas Dairy Producer

Vault for Dairy

Vault Empowers Dairymen by Providing the Relevant Data and Forecasting Power They Need to Make Informed Decisions

Real-Time Data

Price Analysis

Milk Check Projections

Real-Time Data

Plan Smarter with Timely Data

Vault provides real-time data on your dairy with the capability to generate forecasts up to two years out.

Timely Data

Receive data from key areas in real-time

Accurate Profitability Forecasting

Generate forecasts with data from your dairy


Gather farm cost and income data

Price Analysis

Use Current Market Prices to get Accurate Analysis

Vault generates interactive scenarios supported by current market pricing.

 Captures pricing from ongoing market changes


Set your parameters for pricing scenarios

Price Forecasting

Utilize market pricing to forecast for your dairy

Milk Check Projections

Better Understand and Forecast Your Income

Vault projects milk prices and generates customized reports for your dairy.

Accurate Projections

Pulls from current milk price projections and your production records

Customized Reports

Generates reports based on your specifications

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