Vault Technology for Grains

A software platform that makes comprehensive risk management easier by aggregating physical grain marketing and financial position data.
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Vault Technology

Track Your Profitability With Real-Time Visibility on Grain Prices, Forward Positions, and Physical Sales

Real-Time Data

Access to timely and centralized data


Automatically updates with exchange-traded activity


View percent sold and average price

Pricing Senarios

Track profitability with customized pricing scenarios

Contract Reports

Generate custom contract reports

Monitor Prices

Watch real-time future pricing updates

Vault for Grains

Aggregate data across your operation to generate an accurate forecast of your financial health.




Gain Visibility on Actively Working Targets

Vault provides access to a portfolio view of both your financial (CBOT) and physical (local sales) positions to give you an up-to-date view of your marketing and risk management efforts.

View all transactions of grain sold and average price


Stay updated on your profit margins


View past and present positions


Generate Custom Reports Tailored to Your Operation

Vault aggregates data across a myriad of cash market locations, market exchanges, and user input to build customized reports that meet your standards.


Data is collected from your records and market resources


Generate reports based on the data you want to see


Report data is focused on your individual risk management plan

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