Market Intelligence & Advisory for Dairy

Delivering actionable insights to clients in the dairy industry with our publications, multimedia reports, research, and advisory services. Our team provides an unbiased take on factors shaping market behavior and provide advisory services to help you strategize for important business decisions.

Intelligence & Advisory Solutions

Knowledge is Power, Which is Why our Clients Rely on Us to Stay on Top of Domestic and Global Dairy Markets


We offer advisory services to businesses looking for market insights and data to help them make well-informed decisions.


Stay informed of market behaviors and the factors at work in the domestic and global dairy markets


Talk through market conditions and their implications for your procurement and/or marketing efforts or receive timely check-ins, access to market data, and programming that systematically looks at markets and addresses risk

Market Publications

Clients rely on us for world-class information and analysis for macroeconomics, regional dairy farm profitability, U.S. domestic dairy market fundamentals, or international intelligence.

Research Report

Provides unique monthly insights into the cheese, butter, nonfat dry milk, and whey markets

Forecast Update

Assists in budgeting and planning with up to 18 months of estimated dairy pricing on products

Key Indicators

Targets key macroeconomic data points and covers multiple markets that matter

Dairy and Grain Report

Provides weekly intelligence from the dairy spot and futures markets


Provides a timely notice and analysis of potentially market-moving news

Trade Trends

Highlights monthly U.S. dairy imports and exports, notable export destinations, and pricing

Ingredient Digest

Focuses on dry dairy ingredient markets

Spot Market Updates

Summarizes daily CME spot market activity

Cheese Briefing

Reviews important forces in the cheese market monthly

Margin Matters

Offers a detailed look at the factors impacting dairy producer margins, including regional margin projections, and heifer/corn/alfalfa prices

Freight and Power

Covers energy markets and U.S. dry van, reefer, and tanker truck rates

Freight and Power

Covers energy markets and U.S. dry van, reefer, and tanker truck rates

Dairy Market Monitor

Gives daily reports of the day-to-day spot and futures market trade

Options Summary

Summarizes daily settlements for put and call options on Class III milk futures

Research Projects

Work with our team to uncover and analyze data to explore new opportunities for your business and develop new strategies supported by the research we conduct.

Feasibility Studies

Uncover data through project-by-project engagements to develop analysis and apply critical thinking skills to get results

Public Studies

rovide in-depth research, analysis, and results for regional dairy associations

M&A Support

Explore potential for strategic market and business opportunities with research-based data

Procurement Reviews

Analyze and evaluate viability and competitiveness of milk sourcing strategies

White-Label Publications
Gather and deliver insightful information for your company

Dairy 101 Education

We are your go-to resource for understanding the dairy industry and keeping up with market trends. Become a dairy expert with on-demand training by the industry’s leaders.

Introducing Dairy Markets

Take an inside look at how dairy markets operate

Milk Marketing and Processing Basics

Learn how milk marketing and processing operate

U.S. Dairy Policy and Pricing

Dive into the U.S. milk pricing system and how it is regulated

Global Dairy Supply

Learn how the global dairy supply affects the U.S. milk market

Global Butter/Powder Demand and Trade

Gain insight into the demand and trade of dairy products and milk ingredients on a global scale

Speaking Engagements

A good meeting speaker should inform and entertain, even if dairy markets are the topic. Our team has won consistent praise for their ability to do both at each engagement.


Engage your audience with meaningful topics and discussion


Provide audiences with pertinent information they need to know


Titles and topics are tailored specifically for each speaking engagement

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Our experienced and knowledgeable team provides consulting and advisory services to assist clients in strategic planning, plant feasibility, training, transportation efficiency, and more.

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