Transportation Management

Meet Hauling Challenges Head-On

A formidable set of rate analysis, benchmarking, lane bidding, dispatch, and freight payment capabilities combined with the industry’s most extensive hauler base and most advanced technology platform puts you in the best position to manage hauling costs and maintain high service levels.

Transportation Management

Helping Businesses Develop, Implement, and Manage a Powerful Hauling Procurement Strategy


Know what you should pay for every farm-to-plant and plant-to-plant move – benchmarks based on thousands of loads and lanes.


The best plant-to-plant rate market has to offer from a nationwide base of over 2,000 tanker haulers and active spot board.


Competitive, precise, fair, and sustainable farm-to-plant hauler pay and full-cost member contribution structures based on accurate quantification of haulers’ cost to serve.


Ongoing measurement of your supply chain performance and ongoing improvement.


Leave transportation procurement and load coverage to us.


You will never lose sight of actual hauler pay and will always be in control of hauling decisions.


Average Reduction in Plant-to-Plant Haul Spend


Farm-to-Plant Hauling Subsidy Reduction


Load Coverage


ROI on SIM4food Projects
Transportation Management

Identify Pay Inequities, Streamline Intake Processes, or Visualize a Better Design



Turn Truck Optimization


Supply Chain Strategy


Get Hauler and Member Pay Right

Based on cost and efficiency factors from hundreds of haulers, the F2P Haul Cost model quantifies cost for every farm, route, and destination. Get the granular data needed to design accurate, competitive, and sustainable hauling programs. We also help rollout and maintain hauling programs, enabling ongoing adjustment and excellence.

Hauler Costs and Margins

Quantify and rectify over and underpay situations


See how your hauling efficiencies and costs compare to regional peers and the industry’s best

Hauling Program Design, Rollout

Smart, accurate member contribution and hauler pay structures accounting for size, location, live load, and direct-ship pickup approaches

Plant-to-Plant Procurement and 3PL Services

Optimize Cost While Ensuring Coverage

Our experts will help you target rate savings and put the correct bidding, negotiation, contract, and freight payment processes in place to achieve those targets. Hauler scorecards cover load acceptance, on-time delivery, and cost KPIs, enabling you to continuously measure and improve hauler performance.


We assess your rates against regional rate formulas based on 75,000 tanker loads moving through our network


Use lane bundling and guaranteed minimums to maximize the attractiveness of your business

Operational Excellence

We dispatch, cover, and pay for every load while you maintain total control and cost transparency

Turn Truck Optimization

Streamline Intake Processes

Excess plant turn time is the single most significant area of waste in the dairy supply chain – squandering the efforts of thousands of drivers and hundreds of millions of co-op and processor dollars.


Our intake audits provide time, resource utilization, and cost benchmarks that pinpoint improvement opportunities


Our TTO model quantifies the improvement potential of every intake change – identifying the most cost-effective fixes


We help you design and implement win/win/win plants, co-ops, and hauler gainsharing programs to motivate and reward turn-time improvements


See the Future for Your Plant Design and Operations by Using 3D Simulation Software

SIM4food enables experimentation with plant layout, staffing, process, and automation to help you identify the optimal plant design.



See the future of your food plant before you break ground


Measure design performance, throughput, resource utilization, and cost


Move equipment, adjust the recipe, test different product mixes and volumes – and see how performance is impacted

Supply Chain Strategy

Benchmark Your End-to-End Milk Supply Chain

Determine how you compare to best practices on all dimensions of cost and efficiency. Identify and quantify improvements in dairy commodities’ pickup, transport, and delivery.


Examine your entire hauling approach to identify performance advantages and gaps


Work with us to develop new operational strategies to streamline end-to-end supply chain processes and cost


We help you operationalize strategies that generate savings and enable robust KPI regimes and ongoing improvement

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