Grotegut Dairy Farm – Better Feed and Herd Management with Ever.Ag

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Managing an operation with 3,500 cows and over 50 full-time employees, Eric Grotegut and Rosario Ibarra knew they needed to collect more data to make better decisions for their dairy in Newton, Wisconsin. They lacked visibility into cow behavior, had no method to collect cow data by group, and needed the ability to optimize existing workforce protocols.    

To help capture data, Grotegut Dairy sought a low-maintenance monitoring solution for their dairy facilities. The dairy could gain comprehensive facility coverage by installing a computer vision solution to create feeding and milking key performance indicators. 

With this technology, Grotegut looked to: 

Monitor dairy herd and operations

Develop a reliable cow behavior time budget

Optimize daily operations

Establish consistent workforce best practices based on informed decisions

Grotegut Dairy Farm Improves
Feed and Herd Management with
Ever.Ag’s Cainthus Solution

Computer vision technology decreases costs by optimizing herd and workforce operations

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