Feed Foundations

Manage Feed Procurement With the Feed Foundations Program

Partner with one of our experienced feed and grain market advisors for customized and in-depth market insights that can help you make informed buying decisions.
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Feed Foundations

A Program That Comprehensively Analyzes Your Business’ Market Exposure and Needs

Now, you can partner with Ever.Ag’s feed and grain market advisors as you work to make informed decisions about your business’s feed choices.

You will work with an experienced Ever.Ag advisor to develop an individualized feed plan and feed budget analysis, while also staying up to date on local market trends, global influences, and long-term forecasts with our weekly newsletter.

Experienced Advisors

Partner with one of our experienced feed and grain market advisors for custom, in-depth market insight

Market Exposure Analysis

Work with Ever.Ag to identify price risk and market opportunities tailored to your business

Market Stability
Consistent, intentional, information-based advice to help you manage your feed risk on and off the exchange
Feed Foundations

Helping Producers Manage One of the Largest and Most Volatile Production Costs – Feed


Identify price risk and market opportunities


Level out feed cost volatility


Tap into our team’s knowledge and an expansive network


Comprehensive View of Risk and Current Positions

Review your financial position and objectives with the guidance of a market advisor.


Individual position data is aggregated


Get a complete look at your financial position


Analyze the performance of your grain marketing program

Market Consulting

Individualized Grain Market Advisory Services

To address local pricing, logistics, and other market influences, we provide advisory services to buyers and sellers of grain beyond exchange-traded products.

Step-by-Step Strategy

Build an effective marketing strategy with an advisor


Receive updates, advice and help with adhering to a marketing plan

Education and Updates

Stay current with market news and updates

Get Started

Contact us today to get started with the Feed Foundations Program.