Riordan Grains Enhances Load Tracking Management With ProSoftXP

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Oct 19, 2022


Riordan Grains realizes they will never get away from the manual process of moving grain. The company transports wheat, barley, and canola among seven storage sites across New South Wales and Victoria in Australia. It handles about 1 million tons of bulk agricultural commodity exports and imports every year.

As a process-driven, but still somewhat too manual company, Riordan Grains wanted to look for additional ways to streamline their workflow by:

  • Digitally capturing data on each load of grain
  • Moving away from paperwork
  • Automating information flow through their operating systems

To do this, they looked for a grain-specific management solution. Riordan Grains needed the capability to manage their multiple storage sites, maintain customer delivery schedules and numerous grain contracts, and implement real-time tracking to gain visibility into every grain transaction.

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Case Study

Find Out How Riordan Grains Enhanced Their Load Tracking Management With ProSoftXP