Kyle Owen Focuses on Customer Success in the Challenging Agronomy and Service Provider Sectors

Agriculture has always been an important part of Kyle Owen’s life. From doing chores for neighbors to eventually farming on his own and later working in the ag retail industry, Kyle gained a broad perspective of the ag industry’s challenges early on. 

As a result of his years of experience and deep knowledge in agriculture, Kyle instantly thrived when he joined EFC Systems by Ever.Ag in 2015 progressing to his current role as Vice President of Customer Success, Ever.Ag Agribusiness – Digital Agronomy. 

Today, Kyle’s primary focus is on the needs of his customers and, ultimately, supporting their success in streamlining agronomy operations with agtech. 

“Being a part of the industry that feeds the world is what drives me. In agriculture, there are so many opportunities to be more efficient and embrace and grow the use of technology in a way we’ve never done before, and I want to be a part of that.” Kyle said. 

Kyle Owen, Vice President of Customer Success,
Ever.Ag Agribusiness – Digital Agronomy

Driven for Agriculture from the Beginning

Growing up in rural Kentucky, agriculture significantly influenced Kyle’s upbringing. After years of milking cows and doing chores for neighboring farmers, Kyle took the initiative to start and grow his own farming enterprise. By the time he graduated from high school, he had a beef herd and raised crops.  

Kyle went on to graduate from college with an AgTech degree. He was hired full-time by the same ag retailer, where he completed an internship during college. After briefly doing field applications, Kyle quickly moved to the operations side and started scheduling applications. Within the first year of employment, he became a location manager for the ag retailer and focused on sales and operations. 

After three years, Kyle left his position to farm full-time. At one point, he was growing crops on 1,000 acres. In 2015, Kyle returned to the AgTech industry and joined EFC Systems by Ever.Ag when they were just onboarding the FieldAlytics by Ever.Ag solution. 

Kyle found a perfect fit working with the FieldAlytics solution. 

Supporting and Guiding Customers

Kyle’s day is centrally focused on working with customers using FieldAlytics. His daily tasks include completing software demos, working with his team to support clients, and conducting product road mapping to find the next best solution to assist clients’ needs. 

“I have that background knowledge of the farm and ag retail, so I can relate to our customers. I’m spending a lot of time with them, hearing their problems, and figuring out how to solve them.” Kyle said. 

Kyle appreciates the moments when he can see the excitement from a potential customer after a demo. With current ag retail customers, Kyle enjoys helping them accomplish more, be more efficient with their product line and assist their growers in being better by having the FieldAlytics solution. 

“Every day, I feel like I’ve managed or farmed 30 million acres because that’s how many acres are active in FieldAlytics. I shoulder that and feel like I’m responsible for ensuring things get done in those fields.”

Kyle Owen

Vice President of Customer Success, Ever.Ag Agribusiness - Digital Agronomy

A Critical Role in the Future of AgTech

Working in the ag industry in different roles throughout his career, Kyle has witnessed the dramatic progression toward digital transformation. He predicts many opportunities for ag businesses to be more efficient and grow with technology in ways that have never been done before.  

“It’s amazing to look at the advancements we’ve made as an industry, and I don’t think we’re even scratching the surface. As we embrace technology in other industries and apply that to agriculture, I think there is much more we will be able to do.” Kyle said. 

Kyle and his team realize the necessity for innovative agtech solutions to help feed a growing world. Population growth coupled with having less farmland to produce the same, if not more food, will continue to challenge the ag industry.  

“We are learning more as technology research advances on the agronomy side. But agribusinesses and growers need to embrace and implement technology further in order to adjust and make better decisions on their crops; to produce more or be more effective in how they use their product to produce more.” Kyle said.

When Kyle is not working, he continues to feed his passion for farming by raising 300 acres of crops on his farm in Kentucky. Kyle resides with his wife in Brentwood, TN.

FieldAlytics by Ever.Ag

A Digital Agronomy Solution

Kyle Owen and the entire Ever.Ag team work to provide continuous support to agribusinesses and the growers they offer services to with the FieldAlytics solution.

If you are interested in learning more about the FieldAlytics by Ever.Ag solution, please contact us.