Streamline Your Services With a Single Software Solution to Provide an Enhanced Grower Relationship

A comprehensive digital solution to assist in streamlining your agronomy operations, all while providing the opportunity to elevate the farm-gate conversation. Now, you can centralize all your field logistics and farm planning in one platform.

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Your One Stop Agronomy

Operations Suite

Data-Driven Decision Making

Access the information you need to optimize your business operations

Integrated & Centralized Repository

Field history is available for future knowledge

Efficient Logistics Management

Improve your dispatch and field collaboration

Compliance Automation

Stay up to date with state compliance with automation of work orders to records

Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

Save time on data entry with connections to other software tools

Increasing Grower Relationships

Digitally engage with your growers to provide insights to their operation

FieldAlytics by Ever.Ag is Pleased to Introduce Engage

Now, you can facilitate clear and concise communication with your growers, even during busy season. Engage provides a single location where they can view all their field-specific data. Now, miscommunication and time-consuming use of multiple applications is a thing of the past.

Field Level Data

Current Weather

Historical Rainfall

Grain Market Futures

FieldAlytics: Digital Agronomy Solution

Transform Your Operations and Empower Your Decisions With FieldAlytics



Farm Planning



Single Ecosystem


Industry-Leading Tools Integrated into Your Operations

The combination of your agronomic knowledge with the FieldAlytics capabilities provides the expertise to build advanced recommendations that increase productivity. You will be able to present the best agronomic and economic recommendations to your growers using tools such as our fertility engine and multi-input zoning tool.

Robust Fertility Engine

Provide the best solution for your growers with adjustable, real-time fertilizer recommendations

Flexible Management Zone Creation

Take multiple data layers and find like zones to make informed decisions with multi-input zoning

Expansive Field Data Processing
Centralize data from multiple sources for efficient analysis and export files directly to your equipment

Drive Profitability and Efficiency

The key driver of profitability at any ag location is operational efficiency. FieldAlytics has all the tools needed to create work orders and dispatch materials for efficient applications. From real-time weather information to machinery locations, you can make the most of your fleet and get the most acres applied in a day – all while working in one single platform.

Communication with Applicator and Growers

All information is delivered to the applicator while communicating with the grower, which removes any middleman

Improved Equipment Efficiency

Visibility to where jobs are located allows the assignment of equipment and staff to increase productivity

Stay Compliant
Track compliance records in one database equipped to deal with the nuances of state-by-state requirements
Farm Planning

It All Starts With a Plan

The farm planning capability provides a pre-season strategy that generates an opportunity for service providers to collaborate with a grower for a successful season. FieldAlytics manages all field activities, including product and staff forecasting, so they can be completed in a timely manner throughout the season.
Product Procurement

Scheduling events pre-season for the following year allows product to be purchased at the best price while minimizing supply chain stressors

Plan for Success

Pre-season resource calculating helps growers make successful decisions while generating sub-field performance optimization

Plan Field Events

Through proactive planning of resource availability, unforeseen issues are diminished, and productivity rises


Data Interoperability

FieldAlytics provides vital connections to soil labs, ERP systems, blenders, and other data streams that improve efficiency in time and visibility to the full view of data layers.
Eliminate Double Entry

Send work orders with all data points through the ERP integration, avoiding double entry in accounting and mitigating potential error risk

Real-Time Office to Field Information Communication
Enhance communication between the office and the field by tracking your equipment and sending files to the field directly
Logged Data Integration
Provide seamless transfer and auto association of data sets directly from the field

Access Information Anywhere

Whether you are in the office or out in the field, you will always have the answer at your fingertips. FieldAlytics provides mobile access to data and support, so you can serve your growers instead of simply selling to them.
Applicator Dispatch

Bring the office into the truck cab by providing turn-by-turn directions for the driver, visibility of orders, and contact information of the grower

Scout with Assurance

Provide the tools for the agronomist to take photos and use data layers to make recommendations based upon observations

Sampling Productivity
Improve your sampling workflow streamlining job creation to lab submission and view sample results from mobile or web with our direct integration with 80+ labs
Single Ecosystem

Comprehensive Agronomy Operations Platform

FieldAlytics gives you the ability to house your information in one secure location while eliminating the need for multiple software providers. Our cloud-based solution and seamless integrations combine everything you need in one place. Maximize your value and efficiency with our comprehensive suite.
Consolidated Enterprise

We provide a one-stop shop to get every aspect of the day-to-day operations handled properly

Easy Staff Onboarding

With the staff training of a single software system, onboarding is a breeze and system proficiency is achieved more quickly

Cloud-Based Centralized Storage

Provide a secure location for all your records for future analysis to make decisions based on patterns and correlations

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