Digitizing the Way You Bring Milk to Consumers 

Jun 21, 2023 | June Dairy Month

As farmers, you are well-versed in the challenges you face on a daily basis. You know your dairy operations better than anyone; however, what if you could harness the power of technology to alleviate some of those challenges? 

Ever.Ag was built on the principle of helping the dairy supply chain. We work to empower those who feed a growing world to reduce their costs while improving their margins. 

Robotic Milking Systems: Revolutionizing On-Farm Operations 

While many farmers may be intimidated by the process of digitizing, robotic milking systems are an example of technology improving on-farm operations. These advanced systems revolutionized the way milk is harvested by automating the milking process and providing numerous benefits to dairy farmers. Currently, over 35,000 robotic milking system units are operational worldwide. Digitizing does not end at robotic systems; Ever.Ag offers a portfolio of On-Farm solutions to improve your day-to-day. 

Harness the Power of AI with Cainthus: Animal Welfare and Data Insights 

Ever.Ag aims to empower dairy farmers to improve their operational efficiency and profitability without adding additional work. Cainthus provides an infinite number of eyes on your farm and your future. By coupling artificial intelligence with centralized, easy-to-digest data, the solution provides animal nutrition and welfare insights across your farm. Through a central repository of data, you can easily analyze and identify any operational issues. As animal welfare becomes increasingly put in the spotlight, you can also use the solution to provide animal welfare validation to the downstream supply chain while prioritizing cow comfort. 

Streamlined Data Access with My Dairy Dashboard 

Traditionally, most farmers require a variety of software solutions to access their data; not anymore. My Dairy Dashboard provides a meaningful portal to provide information quicker and in a more consumable experience. Through aggregated data, My Dairy Dashboard delivers valuable insights through customizable dashboards to give you the correct information when you need it.


Protect Your Profits with Vault: Risk Management and Financial Health 

At the end of the day, profits matter. The dairy industry continuously faces volatile markets, adding an extra, complex layer to a business that already faces many unique challenges. Ever.Ag deeply understands what moves markets and how to deploy tools to mitigate risk. 

As My Dairy Dashboard aggregates data, Vault integrates seamlessly to the solution to empower farmers to gain holistic views of insurance, market positions, and seasonality of market data. The platform is dedicated to cumulatively assessing risk management data, while also accounting for farm cost and income data. Vault facilitates a comprehensive view to hedge risk and manage your dairy farm’s financial health. Within Vault, you are able to test your dairy performance in different market conditions and compare a milk check to your dairy’s projected forecast. Ever.Ag believes knowledge is power and this knowledge helps position your dairy operation to succeed. 


Feed Foundations: Staying Ahead in a Changing Market 

Feed Foundations from Ever.Ag is a feed advisory service to empower you with hands-on collaborative insights and services to track local basis and CME futures. The unique offering gives you the advantage of staying on top of a market with constantly changing positions. The team assess purchasing needs, budget goals, and strategy. With their client, they work hand in hand on executing. 


Expert Risk Management Services 

Ever.Ag financial services is led by a team of experts who know dairy. The team identifies risks, finds methods to manage that risk, and executes the appropriate strategies. The team understands markets from a producer and commercial perspectives. With their support, you can navigate the complexities of the dairy industry and protect your farm’s profitability. 

Combine Technology with a Team of Experts

Embrace the digital transformation and unlock the full potential of your dairy farm with Ever.Ag’s innovative solutions. Experience increased efficiency, enhanced profitability, and peace of mind as you navigate the challenges of the dairy industry in the digital age.

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