Why Exploring New Avenues of Sustainability is Essential to Growth

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As the month of June progresses, Dairy.com by Ever.Ag continues to highlight sustainability efforts of the agricultural supply chain through its Supporting Sustainability Series.

The second discussion in this series features Phil Plourd, the Head of Market Intelligence for Ever.Ag, and outlines his view on sustainability efforts put forth by his team and its clientele. In his current role, Phil communicates with a multitude of different companies within the agricultural supply chain. A steady line of communication allows Phil and his team to help facilitate farm to fork development through dairy research and market intelligence.

Phil Plourd, Head of Market Intelligence, Ever.Ag
In collaborating with all sectors of the dairy industry, Phil has observed how sustainability efforts have evolved over time. He is excited about how professionals across the spectrum are formulating new ways to increase their environmental awareness.

Phil provides answers to questions such as:


How can current research help the dairy industry become more sustainable?


Why is the US in a great position to lead the task of feeding a growing world?

Learn why Phil sees a growing importance in exploring new avenues of sustainability as the dairy industry continues to grow.

Listen to Phil Plourd define how the dairy industry is practicing sustainability and researching new approaches to lessening its environmental impact.

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