Whether You’re a Dairy Farm, Supplier, or Advisor; you need My Dairy Dashboard by Ever.Ag

Jan 28, 2021 | Industry Insights

What is My Dairy Dashboard (MDD)?

MDD is a mobile tool that aggregates key herd performance metrics, centralizing data from herd and feed management software, milk producers and weather. The program displays the data in an easy to read, customized dashboard that can be branded with any organization’s name. MDD utilizes visual graphs and has 48 different standard data cards, including: Total Milk Production, Fat Percentage of Milk, Protein Percentage of Milk, Conception & Pregnancy Rates and Health Events. It is a fantastic tool for not only the farms themselves, but also farm suppliers and dairy advisors. Here are three ways MDD helps each:

For Dairy Farms

  1. Centralize all data from one or multiple herds into one dashboard you and your team can access from anywhere.
  2. Quickly find opportunities to improve milk production and quality.
  3. See in real time any period over period trends that require special attention.
Dairy farmers can cut down 20% of the time they spend gathering and aggregating information from employees and disparate data sources. With just a few clicks, MDD shows you what you need to know about milk production, cow health, reproduction and more.

For Farm Suppliers

  1. Prove the efficacy of your products with unbiased real time data.
  2. Improve trust and communication with a centralized dashboard branded with your name.
  3. Assess company-wide performance by seeing all your clients’ data in one location.
Farm suppliers use MDD to show the farms that their products truly work. This allows them to spend less time collecting data and more time selling and helping clients.

For Dairy Advisorys

  1. Give farm clients clear, actionable data for their herd.
  2. Spend more time implementing solutions as opposed to gathering data.
  3. Quickly see critical on farm trends and counsel dairy farms on corrective actions.

Dairy advisors take advantage of MDD by having the data at their fingertips and by cutting out messy spreadsheets. They can also set alerts so that if a dataset has unfavorable numbers, they will be notified immediately and can take quicker action.

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