Schaendorf Custom Farming Streamlines Milk Hauling Operation with Mobile Manifest

Feb 7, 2022 | Industry Insights

Partnership with Provides Efficient, Real-Time Data Availability to Plants and Producers

Managing a fleet of 40 milk haulers serving multiple farms across the region for two co-ops, Ben Schaendorf has his hands full.

As a result, when the opportunity came to implement Mobile Manifest, Ben was excited to greatly improve accuracy in hauling procedures, gain efficiency in troubleshooting, and improve his access to real-time data for his entire fleet.

Ben hauls milk and is Vice President of Operations at Schaendorf Custom Farming in Hopkins, Michigan, where they have been hauling milk for customers for 14 years. His family’s business transports over 4 million pounds of milk a day, mainly for Select Milk Producers Cooperative.

Schaendorf Custom Farming began using Mobile Manifest nine months ago when Ben gradually transitioned his haulers from using paper to Mobile Manifest over 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, they were already experiencing significant improvements, including:

Improved Accuracy in Hauling Procedures

Before they had Mobile Manifest, Ben filed a lot of paper while servicing multiple farms spread out across the region.

“It was tough to track papers down. A lot of our drivers never came back to our hub or came back maybe once a month,” Ben says.

In addition to eliminating paper processes, Mobile Manifest supports many different platforms or methods for picking up raw milk. The solution is accessible when reading a measurement stick before pumping a bulk tank, reading a flow meter from a direct load, a flow meter from a silo, or a drop and hook.

“We’re able to complete all these operations with Mobile Manifest nearly flawlessly,” Ben says. “It’s more accurate and faster.”

Efficiency in Troubleshooting

With Mobile Manifest, Ben can instantly review load sizes and find missing loads versus searching through a stack of papers.

“I will be more efficient when troubleshooting for sure. That’s a significant benefit for me,” Ben says.

Accessibility to Real-time Data

Ben appreciates that his customers have instant access to the same real-time data by using Mobile Manifest. Additionally, the cooperative and the milk testing lab have real-time data on milk loads.

“It has been a lot easier than trying to track down that many papers every couple of weeks,” Ben says.

Since the implementation was smooth with Select Milk Producers, Ben is looking forward to working with another of the co-ops he hauls for to implement Mobile Manifest.

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