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As the month advances, Dairy.com by Ever.Ag adds to the June Dairy Month Supporting Sustainability Series by discussing opportunities to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the agricultural supply chain. The third installment of the series features Duane Banderob, Chief Operating Officer of Ever.Ag, as he explains how his team and company partners are striving to become even better stewards of the industry and environment. Duane holds a multifaceted role and works directly with customers while also focusing efforts towards strategy, implementation, and future planning. Duane explores opportunities for improved sustainability such as:
Duane Banderob, COO, Ever.Ag

Monitoring the efficiency of the farm to plant process


Advocating for development technology and digital communication

Learn more about how paperless technology can aid in the journey to sustainability as Duane wraps up the video by touching on the implementation of Mobile Manifest by Ever.Ag.
Listen to Duane Banderob explain how to achieve a higher level of sustainability for your operation.
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