Mobile Manifest by Ever.Ag Helps Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) Streamline Manifest Process with Mobile Applications

Mobile Manifest Technology Improves Efficiency and Visibility for Members, Haulers, Producers, and Dispatchers

FRISCO, Texas – March 17, 2021 – Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a national dairy cooperative serving over 13,000 farm family-owners across the country, has completed a successful initial implementation of Mobile Manifest by to support the tireless efforts of its team members who are involved in the milk transportation process. The Cooperative is now using the application to manage nearly 10,000 manifests every month in one of its key regions.

“Mobile Manifest allows us to harvest load information, making the data accessible more quickly,” said Tim Houck, Vice President of Fluid Milk Operations at DFA. “That’s important because it helps improve business processes and gives us the ability to make more informed decisions – directly benefiting our members, customers, haulers, and cooperative.”

“[Mobile Manifest] helps improve business processes and gives us the ability to make more informed decisions – directly benefitting our members, customers, haulers, and cooperative.”
Tim Houck

Vice President of Fluid Milk Operations, Dairy Farmers of America

Mobile manifest streamlines data entry points, reducing common paper errors for haulers, while also providing real-time visibility of load information and tracking for dispatchers. The solution has proven to be all the more valuable amidst a global pandemic, allowing DFA to provide the safety of hands-free milk delivery for drivers and plant personnel. “Mobile manifest digitizes the dairy supply chain at its origin – at dairy farms,” said CEO Scott Sexton. “On its own, the solution creates tremendous efficiency and offers critical visibility. But more importantly, especially when paired with our other leading technologies, Mobile Manifest allows to provide end-to-end tracking and traceability.”
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Dairy Farmers of America is a national, farmer-owned dairy cooperative focusing on quality, innovation and the future of family dairies. While supporting and serving more than 13,000 family farm-owners, DFA manufactures a variety of dairy products, including fluid milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, dairy ingredients and more that connect our Cooperative’s family farms to family tables with regional brands such as Country Fresh, Meadow Gold, Friendly’s Ice Cream, Borden® Cheese, Plugra® Butter and Kemps® to name a few. On a global scale, we work with some of the world’s largest food companies to develop ingredients their customers are craving, while staying committed to social responsibility and ethical farming. For more information, please visit
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