Five Ways QA Studio Will Help Your Dairy Lab
If you work for a lab in the dairy world, you know the pervasive issues. Trying to answer questions and find issues can take hours… sometimes days. The amount of time employees spend on data collection and entry is too time consuming. Testing samples gets messy across different lines. The thought of an audit or recall scares you.

Thankfully, there is a solution to these issues: QA Studio!

QA Studio is a Lab Information Management System (LIMS) built to help your lab reduce operational cost, monitor patterns for troubleshooting, utilize detailed analytics and enhance internal communications. Here are five key ways QA Studio will help your dairy lab:

1. Find a quality problem in 30 seconds

Using special tools like bar code scanning, QA Studio can manage each product in your plant and track it from beginning to end. This level of traceability means that you can immediately pinpoint any issues that arise, minimizing downtime.

2. Capture three times the amount data in half the time

QA Studio’s tracking capabilities allow you to collect more data and push it out quicker. This data highlights trends – both good and bad – so you can make the necessary adjustments to be more effective, increasing yields and limiting shrink.

3. Answer any production question in minutes

Manufacturing processes are complex. So, the quicker you can get information, the better. Know which sample came from which line and when and what the content was in just minutes. This functionality speeds up operations and allows employees to manage the facility, rather than spending time collecting data.

4. Rapidly generate, send and store COAs

With QA Studio, you can create, print, save and send COAs (Certificates of Analysis). You can do this for a customer and/or a specific product, and easily manage fluctuating COAs as well.

5. Quickly handle recalls and audits

Running specific product lines also allows you to manage multiple regulations if products are going to different places – and quickly highlights issues with dates, weights or content not matching. As a result, you will not have to look in as many places or recall as many products if a recall should ever occur. In addition, the traceability and depth of tracking means audits are no longer as scary.

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