Empowering The Agricultural Supply Chain Through Sustainable Solutions 

Ever.Ag Supporting Sustainability

Video Series

As June comes to a close, Dairy.com by Ever.Ag wraps up its Supporting Sustainability Series by featuring Scott Sexton, Chief Executive Officer of Ever.Ag.

Scott outlines how sustainability fits into Ever.Ag’s role in empowering the agricultural supply chain and emphasizes Ever.Ag’s services that support and promote sustainability such as:


Unlocking sustainability data for customers


Interconnecting data to highlight sustainability


Deploying technology that decreases the overall environmental impact of its customers

Scott Sexton, CEO, Ever.Ag
Scott describes how Ever.Ag’s supply chain solutions, and its employees’ deep affinity for agriculture, have been laying the foundation for the dairy industry’s sustainable future for decades. Most importantly, he emphasizes that you don’t need to have all the answers, you just need to take the next step.
Listen to Scott Sexton summarize Ever.Ag’s continuous dedication to sustainability.
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