Dairy.com Launches SilverLink Logistics, LLC

FRISCO, TX. – Sometimes offering mission critical supply chain technology is not enough. Sometimes, customers want the tools but also need access to the talent to make it all work. The solution: deliver the talent, too. That’s why Dairy.com created SilverLink Logistics, LLC, a new subsidiary offering transportation management services.

Industry participants face an ever-shifting landscape as they move raw milk daily from farm to plant and bulk dairy commodities from plant to plant. Traditional hauling companies provide rigid solutions at high costs that don’t address unique realities around hauling perishable dairy products.

“It’s a challenging freight market out there,” says Scott Sexton, CEO of Dairy.com. “We saw a need by our clients for a true tech-enabled service offering to handle the complexities of milk and dairy logistics.”

SilverLink Logistics provides tailored transportation management that leverages Dairy.com’s powerful technology solutions and transportation expertise. Services include hauler contracting, dispatching and scheduling, invoice reconciliation, hauler payments, consulting and strategy and data management.