Dairy.com Acquires My Dairy Dashboard From Joint Venture Partner

Expanding End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions and Transparency

FRISCO, TX. – May 28, 2020

Dairy.com announced today that it has acquired majority ownership of My Dairy Dashboard after reaching an agreement with cofounder
Virtus Nutrition.

“My Dairy Dashboard will be an important piece in our suite of end-to-end dairy supply chain tools,” said Dairy.com CEO Scott Sexton. Every day, across the US and elsewhere in the world, the My Dairy Dashboard platform successfully automates data collected from multiple sources, standardizes information for consistency across farms, and provides visual insights into critical metrics.

The team at Virtus Nutrition was instrumental in laying out the vision and guiding the direction of My Dairy Dashboard to this point. Dairy.com and Virtus Nutrition launched My Dairy Dashboard in May of 2017 to provide a robust, accessible new set of data analytics tools to dairy producers, their advisors, and companies that provide products and services to those farms.

Virtus’ ongoing utilization of the My Dairy Dashboard platform to power their white-labeled dashboard will have a permanent positive impact as the platform advances.

Mitch Norby will remain the lead for the My Dairy Dashboard business unit inside of Dairy.com. “I look forward to working with the many dairy farms and enterprises that have adopted or are looking to use our technology to improve data analytics and decision support tools,” Norby said.

“Supply chains work best when all the participants are willing and able to support each other with technologies that enable frictionless data sharing, transparency, and advanced analytics. For two decades we have provided powerful, collaborative tools in the dairy industry. My Dairy Dashboard is another significant addition to our platform,” continued Sexton.

Dairy.com is a pioneering provider of software-as-a-service solutions and actionable dairy market intelligence. Every day, clients leverage Dairy.com’s technology suite and advisory capabilities to drive efficiencies and profitable growth. Founded in 2000 by leaders in the dairy industry, the Dairy.com team is now over 120 employees strong. Dairy.com is the largest independent dairy supply-chain technology provider in the world. Learn more at http://www.dairy.com.

My Dairy Dashboard is an on-line program that connects and visualizes dairy farm data from multiple sources so you can pick up key trends easily and make better decisions faster. Visual. Mobile. Connected.

Virtus Nutrition manufactures innovative fatty acid feeds for dairy cattle improving production efficiency, reproduction, and immune balance, with brand names EnerGII, EnerG-3, Strata and Prequel.