Introducing: Energy Management

Boosting sustainability and operational efficiency in dairy and distilling industries

Feed King

A feed performance platform for optimizing dairy farms

Ever.Ag Launches Revolutionary Cheese Yield Optimization Using AI

To help cheese manufacturers maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and increase profitability.

What do you want to be when you grow up? These kids know!

Watch this fun video, “When I Grow Up,” celebrating the hard work our ag retailer customers do every day. Enjoy!

Grotegut Dairy Farm Case Study

Find out how Grotegut Dairy Farm improves feed and herd management with Ever.Ag’s Cainthus Solution

Cow to Cup

How Ever.Ag makes better and smarter connections

Innovative AgTech Solutions for Food and Beverage Supply Chains

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Financial Services

Ever.Ag Financial Services delivers risk management tools, actionable intelligence, and a team of enthusiastic professionals to help you manage market volatility and protect profitability.


We strengthen the relationship between growers and suppliers with solutions that connect the field data with co-ops, ag retailers, and other service providers.


Our dairy solutions empower producers to manage dairy herds effectively, assist milk collectors and haulers in moving products efficiently from farm to plant, and support processors in making the most of their product for stakeholders and customers.


Our crops solutions help our partners find efficiencies at every stage of their operations—enabling better management and helping fuel the growth necessary to feed our animals, fuel our vehicles and equipment.


Our livestock solutions put data-driven intelligence to work for producers, procurers and processors/end users alike.

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Ever.Ag offers innovative AgTech solutions that empower agriculture supply chains to feed a growing world.

The breadth of our portfolio is uniquely capable of supporting the complex needs of companies involved in dairy, livestock, crops, and agribusiness. With decades of experience and industry-leading innovations, our technology, risk management, and market intelligence provide our customers with the tools and insights they need to operate more efficiently, sustainably, and strategically across every stage of the supply chain.

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