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Centralized Field Logistics and Planning

An agronomy operations solution, FieldAlytics is designed to strengthen relationships between you and your growers.

Adjust Mass Inventory Changes Quickly and Efficiently

Commodity Management System (CMS) is an essential business solution for feed mills and commodity traders, from manufacturing to financial management.

Full Visibility into Accounting and Risk Management

An ERP system with risk management and customer engagement capabilities, Merchant Ag is designed to work with the unique needs of an Ag retailer’s business.

Improve Transparency of Procurement Processes

Commodity Procurement System (CPS) supports better decision making by streamlining crop procurement processes, minimizing risk and increasing collaboration between the grower and buyers.




U.S. States and
Canadian Territories


Bounded Acres

Streamline Agronomy Operations With a Single Platform

FieldAlytics takes data inputs from the complex network of agronomy operations, and unites them – realizing greater efficiencies, and strengthening the relationship between you and your growers.

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Our dairy solutions empower producers to manage dairy herds effectively, assist milk collectors and haulers in moving products efficiently from farm to plant, and support processors in making the most of their product for stakeholders and customers.

Financial Services

Ever.Ag Financial Services delivers risk management tools, actionable intelligence, and a team of enthusiastic professionals to help you manage market volatility and protect profitability.