Mobile Manifest

Reduce Errors, Save Time, and Accelerate the Collection of Milk Pickup Data

Mobile Manifest provides multiple benefits to haulers, handlers, processors, and producers. Through a user-friendly application that is intuitive and simple to adopt, key load attributes are collected using Mobile Manifest and shared with critical stakeholders across your network.

How it Works

Mobile Manifest provides detailed, easy-to-share electronic records of raw milk’s movement from farm to plant. At pickup, it uses the device’s camera to quickly scan barcodes for accurate sample and seal number entry. Within the application, the data entry fields are configured to mimic paper forms and provide appropriate input options to limit errors. Enhancements, such as route “breadcrumbs” and the ability to easily handle direct fills, provide even more insights into the real-time status of your network.

Mobile Manifest then sends an electronic “barn ticket” to the producer and “delivery documents” to the plant upon receipt. The data is made available in Producer Payroll in realtime and can be interfaced with other payroll systems.

Often combined with our milk Dispatch solution, you will be able to leverage a common platform to schedule, adjust, track and collect data on every milk pickup. For every load, a unique identifier is created to track that’s load journey from farm to plant. All parties can “see” the status and position. Dispatch and Mobile Manifest provide functionality that handles the real-world and complicated scenarios of the US dairy industry: co-mingled milk, milk swaps, drop-yards, and destination changes.

Video Case Study

Ben Schaendorf, VP of Operations at Schaendorf Custom Farming, Inc. explains how Mobile Manifest improved their efficiency.


Once implemented, Mobile Manifest creates value across several routine payroll activities. Of course, data entry is almost entirely eliminated. You will find a reduction in data errors with the load information being immediately ready for balancing and reconciliation. Drivers will appreciate a decrease in the time required to capture the load information compared to paper manifests and haulers can tap into the data stream to more efficiently manage their operation. Producers will see pick-up data in their in-box or portal in real-time and receiving plants will no longer have to hassle with all that paper in the receiving bay. Regulators can easily access the pickup data for audits, and now carry out those functions remotely. What’s more, the information shared across all parties is the same, eliminating wasted time and effort to hash out specific load questions.

When used with Dispatch, schedulers benefit from a powerful real-time with view of their network, allowing them to proactively deal with issues rather than waiting for the call to come in. Communications with haulers, customers and producers are improved with real-time load allowing problems to be dealt with immediately.

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Key Benefits
  • Improve traceability of the collection, movement, and delivery of raw milk
  • Streamline load ticket entry and balancing activities
  • Expedite data entry and reduce driver error
  • Inform decision making and problem-solving with real-time monitoring and data
Dairy Farmers of America

DFA uses Mobile Manifest to manage close to 10,000 manifests monthly for one of its key regions.


Mobile Manifest is part of the Milk+ platform built specifically for farm to plant logistics.