United Farm and Home Cooperative – Centralizing Key Data Across Multiple Locations  

United Farm and Home Cooperative (UFHC) continues to grow its business to meet the needs of its 5,500 members. However, the organization’s growth also brought challenges that an insufficient accounting system could no longer manage; they had no method for continuous tracking of inventory. Furthermore, the cooperative had difficulty tracking the increasing inventory at multiple locations. 

By partnering with Ever.Ag, UFHC focused on gaining operational efficiency, visibility on tracking inventory, integrated accounting and an ag-focused ERP system that could handle its needs as an agribusiness. 

To meet these challenges, UFHC turned to Ever.Ag and adopted the Merchant Ag solution, an ERP system built for agribusiness operation and financial management.

Through Merchant Ag, UFHC looked to: 

Integrate key financial reporting across all locations

Centralize inventory control management into one system

Gain real-time data on accounting, payroll processing and customer transactions

United Farm and Home Cooperative
Streamlines Accounting and Inventory
Management with Merchant Ag

Partnership centralizes key financial and operational dataacross multiple locations

Read on to learn how UFHC worked with Ever.Ag to implement Merchant Ag.