Dairy.com Trading Exchange Volumes Reach Record Levels – A New Platform in 2022 Will Boost Activity Even More

Flagship Dairy.com Solution Supports Over 20,000 Truckloads in Second Quarter; 2021 Volumes Up 6% Over 2020

FRISCO, Texas – September 8, 2021 – At last week’s Cream Symposium, Dairy.com announced that its Trading Exchange solution is playing an increasingly significant role in powering the dairy supply chain. The Trading Exchange now facilitates movement of over 7,000 truckloads each month. Primarily an engine for national cream and condensed skim markets, year-over-year volumes are increasing each month, with total year-to-date trade 6% higher than 2020 and 15% over 2019.

“We’re delighted that our platforms continue to resonate with the industry,” said Dairy.com CEO Scott Sexton. “Our founders were early to see a need for online collaborative tools for scheduling dairy ingredients. The Trading Exchange now supports movements coast to coast, touching over 500 customer locations, 80 firms and 250 haulers. But more importantly, new users are finding value every day, fueling notable growth over the past couple years.”

To support this uptick in demand and expand into more commodity markets, Dairy.com also previewed new investments planned for 2022. According to Scott Smith, Chief Technology Officer, the next generation Trading Exchange will move away from a traditional rigid product orientation and will instead offer more flexibility and customization in setting up individual ingredients. Additionally, popular features supporting pricing, settlement and transportation will be extended to all commodities. Haulers will benefit from more robust and user-friendly schedule views.

“The Trading Exchange has served the industry quite well for over 20-years,” Smith said. “However, it is time for an overhaul, and we’re excited to have already started this project. As the industry continues to evolve into more custom ingredients, we hear more customers wanting to standardize on Dairy.com technology for all in-bound and out-bound movements. We need to support everything that dairy plants touch. That means everything from milk reloads, to orange juice, to high-protein blends, to liquid sugar, to diesel fuel. That’s all on the drawing board.”

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