Orbis MES for Distilling

Make More and Waste Less With a Specialized MES

Distillery operations demand a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that – monitors the intricate steps throughout the distilling process to reduce costs and optimize output. Orbis MES by Ever.Ag creates a single data-source, for analysis, allowing you to quickly address pressing operational issues within your distillery. Now, you’ll consistently make more while wasting less.
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A MES Built for Distilleries

Make More and Waste Less

Cost Control

Control costs with systemized planning while maintaining recipe consistency

Reduce Waste and Improve Yield
Optimize equipment capacity for reduced waste and improved yield
Real-Time Process Visibility

Trace production, process, and quality parameters for consistent output


Increase in Yield


Reduction in Waste


Increase in


Boost in Quality
Orbis MES

Enable Real-Time Plant Intelligence From Raw Ingredient to Final Product

Paperless Factory

Visual Factory

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Yield Management

Track and Trace

Paperless Factory

Eliminate the Time-Consumer Process of Manual Data Logging

Paperless Factory within Orbis MES replaces manual records with online forms. The traditional shared spreadsheets and manual forms often remain in a silo; however, now, distillery equipment data can be input and analyzed in a meaningful way. Paperless Factory, and Orbis MES, empower waste reduction and an increase in efficiency.
Centralized Database
Hourly and periodic check sheets are stored in a single location and silos are removed
Manual and Automated Data
Data can be input from multiple sources with assigned roles and permissions
Streamlined Process
Capture, display, and retrieve pertinent distillery data and reports without paper waste
Visual Factory

Identify Historical Trends by Generating Visuals of Plant KPI’s

Visual Factory creates a digitized version of your plant. Orbis MES for Distilling provides a complete, real-time view of your distillery and its processes. Data from each measurement along the process is available, with the ability to reference data as far back as ten years.
Visualize Process
Capture every step of your process in real-time
Analyze with Accuracy
Analyze root cause if a batch does not perform
Data from Every Measurement
Obtain data down to a granular level with ease
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Eliminate Production Losses and Improve Performance

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) module records all unit losses within the distillery to provide a measure of actual productive distilling. The module also assigns loss events to buckets for a deeper, more impactful, analysis. OEE goes one step further and tags reason codes to loss events both automatically and manually.
Identify Shrink
Pinpoint and address where shrink is occurring
Monitor Output
Compare actual output versus targeted output with accuracy
Record Loss
Track all loss events while assigning them to buckets for further analysis
Yield Management

Improve Quality the First Time, Every Time

Within Orbis MES, the Yield Management module tracks raw material input and liters of alcohol produced per production period. The module improves the quality of product output the first time to reduce losses.
Improve Quality
Enhance production of quality product with reduced off-spec output
Boost Conversion Ratios
Maximize outputs for each unit operation
Reduce Losses
Record and assign product losses for pragmatic solutions
Track and Trace

End-to-End Genealogy of Raw Materials and Finished Output

The Track and Trace module allows for detailed, bi-directional product tracking and tracing. Orbis MES provides increased quality control and assurance measures so you can be confident in your product output.
Track Production Processes
Create a unique batch record for each process run
Trace Product Genealogies
Record batch to batch transfers; enabling upstream and downstream product traceability
Optimize Product Release and Recalls
Enable swift product recalls through fast identification of source and destination batches for finished products
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How to Make More and Waste Less with a Manufacturing Execution System

Distillery operations require more than a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Orbis MES creates a single source of truth, and trust, to address pressing operational issues within your distillery, to consistently make more and waste less.

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