How Ever.Ag makes better and smarter connections – from cow to cup

By Ryne Braun, Director, Dairy On-Farm Solutions

Today, I bring you an un-docked tale of transformation, innovation and bovine brilliance, courtesy of the Ever.Ag on-farm team. Think of us as the dairy whisperers, interpreting the needs of the farmer and the cows, who turn feed and water into milk.

A continuous dance of data and diligence 

Let’s begin with a revelation: dairy farming is not just about butter and udders; it’s a high-tech symphony, a dance of data and diligence — of moos and keystrokes, an endless duet. Picture this: On-farm operations, a realm where white glove services meet cutting-edge software, a domain where the Feed Foundations team, led by our in-house Jim Mathews, plays a pivotal role. 
There’s more to it than just feeding the cows 

Now, let’s talk about feed efficiency. In our world, it’s not just about feeding; it’s about feeding smart. We’re turning feed into gold – sorry, I mean cold: cold, cold milk. Our Feed King system is like the Midas touch for feed, turning every morsel into profitable milk, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency. We focus on the feeder’s performance: the cow’s personal chef, server and busboy. If we do not work on important problems, then it is obvious we have little chance of doing important things. The feeder’s accuracy, schedule and waste steers a cow’s health and production. 

And the outcome? A harmonious blend of services and software, a symphony of synergy where every note is perfectly pitched to the needs of the dairy farmer. Spending less on less feed. A double whammy! We’re talking about a cohesive message, SaaS, but not software as a service. Instead, software and a service: a unified front of software and service solutions, distinct yet complementary.

Defying the odds by helping to keep the cows longer 

But our story doesn’t end here. We’re also champions of extending the productive life of cows. Typically, one-third of the herd is sold or dies every year. That means 100% turnover in three years, a stat Zach Wilson can’t even beat. Most of those exit-inducing conditions start on the first day in milk. We want to create a world where calving isn’t a roll of the dice but a well-orchestrated event. If the calf dies, so does the farmer’s genetic investment. Cainthus, our cutting-edge computer vision technology, steps into the maternity ward, offering unbiased, actionable alarms. It’s not just about saving the calf and mother; it’s about transforming the maternity area into a data-driven haven of safety and efficiency. 

It’s all about strategy – not feed delivery 

Imagine, if you will, a world where feed – the lifeblood of dairy – is not just dumped at a cow’s doorstep like my Uber Eats, where they just throw the slop at my door, and I run out like a little pig. No, it’s carefully advised, contracted and delivered with precision. This isn’t just feed delivery; it’s feed diplomacy, managing the risks of what is often the farmer’s most significant expense. This service isn’t just about delivery; it’s about strategy, about aligning purchasing needs with budget goals and market conditions.

The feeder’s impact extends from farm to finance, a major link or kink in our dairy supply chain. To deliver a holistic view of the farm operations and business, our On-Farm data connects seamlessly to Financial Services, ensuring a flow as smooth as cream. My Dairy Dashboard‘s data assimilation isn’t just efficient; it is a financial oracle for a dairy farm, so our brokers can predict and enhance their profitability.

In summary, Ever.Ag is not just a company; we’re a revolution, a dairy renaissance. We’re the bridge between cow and cup, the unseen hand choreographing the dairy dance. Our mission? To make every udder count, every grain of feed matter. Because, in the end, it’s not just about bad puns; it’s about producing cheesy smiles.

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