Here’s Your Growth Recipe for
Yield Optimization with Machine Learning

Each .01% of Yield Improvement Can Be Worth $500,000 a Year

By adding machine learning to your plant operations, you will discover the exact reasons causing waste, lost yield and operational inefficiencies.

Each .01% yield improvement can potentially be worth approximately

$500,000 per year to a company receiving 1 million pounds of milk per day!​

Go Deeper with Machine Learning

Machine Learning simplifies complex data sets to actionable data so your operators you can do the right things when it matters….NOW.

Discover the factors holding back your potential, without expensive hardware additions

Reduce undergrade product by linking analytical and microbiology data

Predict the optimum conditions that will impact your yields

Minimize solids in your whey to optimize your fine and solids recovery and reduce waste-water costs

Decrease your hauling costs and maximize your revenues on higher margin cheese

Solve the waste and operational efficiencies challenges you face

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