Want to Reduce Errors, Save Time,
and Accelerate the Collection of Milk Pickup Data?

  • Improve traceability of milk collection
  • Visibility to pick-up, location and pounds​
  • Monitor data in real-time​ 
  • Expedite data entry 
  • Replace paper manifests​ 
  • Reduce driver error
Video Interview

On the Road with Mobile Manifest by Ever.Ag

Listen to Milk Hauler, Ben Schaendorf, on how his entire fleet uses Mobile Manifest to improve accuracy in hauling procedures.


“Mobile Manifest helps improve business processes and gives us the ability to make more informed decisions – directly benefitting our members, customers, haulers, and cooperative.”

Vice President of Fluid Milk Operations,
Dairy Farmers of America

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Mobile Manifest by Ever.Ag

Find out how Mobile Manifest provides multiple benefits to haulers, handlers, processors, and producers with a user-friendly application that is intuitive and easy to adopt.

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Real-Time Data Collection and Visibility for Moving Milk From Farm to Plant