White Glove Risk Management Services

A broad offering in collaborative risk management services, including customer and farm forward contracting, plant margin management, forecast and strategic inventory programs, and manufacturing yield programs.

White Glove Services

Let Our Team Go the Distance to Help You Manage Risk


Leverage Ever.Ag’s experienced “on-call” resources


Services are tech-supported

Profit Protection

Manage profitability for your company and/or its clients

Minimize Risk

Decrease your potential for risk

Maximize Value

Get the most out of your production and sales


Our team partners with yours to deliver great service for customers and suppliers

Accelerate With More Choices

Our Expanded White Glove Offerings Deliver Quantifiable Results

Manufacturing Yield Program

Plant Margin Management

Forecast & Strategic Programs

Manufacturing Yield Program

Take the Gaps Out of Manufacturing Plant Yield Estimates and Actual Results

Our consultants can help you address inconsistencies between manufacturing plant yield assumptions and ultimate performance.


Watch how changing prices impact profitability


Target inconsistencies in profitability estimates and actual outcomes

Manufacturing Knowledge

Tap into experienced and knowledgeable consultants who understand pricing and risk dynamics

Plant Margin Management

Secure the Margins That Keep Your Dairy Plant Profitable

Manage risk between regulated costs and sales.

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Understand historical market behavior and important price thresholds

Risk Management

Focus on areas that are putting your plant profit margins at risk

Forecast & Strategic Inventory Programs

Take the Risk Out of Procurement, Sales, and Inventory

Secure profitability between procurement and sales. Maximize value and minimize risk for products in storage.



Build a price and profit forecasting strategy from procurement to sales

Inventory Strategy

Understand what markets are suggesting and develop appropriate strategies


Execute against strategies to ensure consistency

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