Dairy Software Support Services

Ever.Ag’s dairy software support services include both phone and email-based support channels to help with administration and troubleshooting of all solutions. As part of our standard subscription and maintenance programs, our Tier 1 support team will respond to all customer requests, as well as escalate issues to our Development and Implementation (Tier 2) resources.

The protocols and procedures defined here apply to the following solutions:

  • Producer Payroll (both SaaS and DSI On Premise platform)
  • On Premise DSI Liquid Procurement
  • Trading Exchange
  • Commodity Scheduling
  • Dispatch
  • Milk Receiving
  • Mobile Manifest
  • DSI Dairy Hauler
  • Producer Portal
  • DSI Manufacturing
  • QA Studio
  • My Dairy Dashboard
  • Commodity Procurement System (CPS)
  • Milk Procurement Information System (MPIS)
  • Milk Procurement System (MPS)
  • Nautilus for Patronage

The following sections provide guidance on our Support Services and related service levels.

Services Program Overview

Standard support provides access to our Tier 1 support team, allowing for customers to open support cases through either email or our support hotline. Our Tier 1 team will then promptly assign a support case number to the customer request, as well as a case severity level.

Business hours for support services are Monday through Friday, 7:00am until 7:00pm Central Time, excluding US bank and financial market holidays. However, customer cases may be submitted 24x7x365, through either email or the support hotline.

Direct engagement time is the targeted time from when a request is received from the Customer that our team will respond back with an acknowledgement of receipt of the inquiry. We will also set the initial severity level, pending details of the inquiry as provided by the Customer.

Issue severity levels, and related direct engagement time targets, are defined as follows:

Severity Level 


Level 1: Critical Product Issue 

An issue where the Customer’s production use of the product is stopped or so severely impacted that the Customer cannot reasonably continue business operations. It may result in a material and immediate interruption of Customer’s business operation that will cause a loss of Customer data and/or restrict availability to such data and/or cause significant financial impact.  For our SaaS platforms, an issue of this nature may be indicative of a system-wide outage. 

Level 2: Significant Product Issue 

An issue where one or more important functions ofthe   Ever.Ag product is unavailable with no acceptable workaround. Customer’s implementation or production use of the Ever.Ag product is continuing but not stopped; however, there is a serious impact on the Customer’s business operation. 

Level 3:  Key Administrative Change Required 

Anissue where Customer requires Ever.Ag to make a key administrative change in order for the Ever.Ag solution to function properly.  This change is not related to a software malfunction.  These changes can only be made by Dairy.com and are essential to Customer’s continued use of the Dairy.com solution. 

Level 4: Non-critical product issue 

An issue that has a minimal impact on business operations or basic functionality of the Ever.Ag product.  Effective workarounds exist, and deployment of these workarounds does not impact Customer’s business operation. 

Case Escalation

Customers may request that a case be escalated if the subject of the request involves a critical issue or an extremely complex problem, or an unreasonable amount of time has elapsed with no resolution. Case escalation effectively adjusts the severity level, including the application of the respective response time targets. To escalate a case, the customer should submit an explanation for their request as part of their case request (or in their dialogue with the Tier 1 support team).

Initiating Support Cases

Customers may initiate Ever.Ag support cases through either of the following channels:

1. Submit an email to Ever.Ag support (support@dairy.com). Email is the fastest and most expedient channel to request support. The email should contain the Dairy.com functionality being utilized, the nature of the inquiry (i.e., issue, question, administrative request), and the impact of the inquiry to the customer’s business.

2. Contact Ever.Ag via phone support (214-323-4484). Similar to email, the customer should provide the Dairy.com functionality being utilized, the nature of the inquiry (i.e., issue, question, administrative request), the impact of the inquiry to the customer’s business, and contact information for follow-up. For Severity Level 1 and 2 issues experienced over the weekends or after-hours, a phone call is the quickest manner in which to alert Dairy.com staff of the issue.